8 Above Refrigerator Storage Ideas

Do you need more storage space in your cooking area without any hassle? Check out these clever Above Refrigerator Storage Ideas!

If you don’t want to waste the space above your fridge, try these storage ideas and save the precious counter space. These ideas are great for less-spacious kitchens.

Above Refrigerator Storage Ideas

1. Wire Basket Storage Idea

Above Refrigerator Storage Ideas 1

Does your refrigerator have enough space over its top? Make the most of that unused space by storing vegetables, fruits, or kitchen towels inside a wire basket. Its open design keeps items easily accessible and well-ventilated.

2. DIY Over-the-Fridge Cabinet

Above Refrigerator Storage Ideas 2

Install a custom cabinet above your refrigerator for storing infrequently used kitchen items or bulk supplies. You can build one one your own using this article.

3. Try Woven Baskets

Above Refrigerator Storage Ideas 3

You only need woven baskets to neatly arrange tablecloths, napkins, or recipe books over the fridge. It not only adds a rustic charm to the cooking area but also maximizes the storage space.

4. DIY Salvaged Wood Crate for Fridge Top

Above Refrigerator Storage Ideas 4

Build this salvaged wooden crate to hold cereals and other snacks above the refrigerator. This affordable project requires woodworking skills and a few supplies.

5. Choose Clear Acrylic Bins

Choose Clear Acrylic Bins

Clear acrylic bins are perfect for managing snacks, small kitchen tools, baking supplies, or veggies over the refrigerator. They keep items organized and easily visible, so you won’t forget what’s inside.

6. Add Lazy Susan Turntable

Add Lazy Susan Turntable

A lazy Susan turntable is an excellent way to use the space above your refrigerator. You can store items like condiments, oils, small cans, and even fruits. It keeps everything within reach and neatly organized.

7. Use Canvas Storage Bins

Use Canvas Storage Bins

If you need a storage option that can store kitchen essentials out of sight on the refrigerator’s top, canvas storage bins are for you. They are ideal for keeping kitchen towels, napkins, linens, or dry goods.

8. Install Wine RackInstall Wine Rack

When you have enough space above the refrigerator, installing a wooden wine rack seems a wise decision. This idea is specifically helpful for wine-loving individuals.

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