6 DIY Gabion Planter Ideas

Add visual interest and personality to your dull indoor and outdoor gardens with these outstanding DIY Gabion Planter Ideas! Try them now!

Want some cool ways to display your favorite plants in your home or office? Try these gabion planters, which will surely catch everyone’s interest. The best part? They are easy to make and quite affordable, too.

DIY Gabion Planter Ideas

1. Easy and Affordable Gabion Planters Idea

DIY Gabion Planter 1

Find the steps to make three different-sized gabion planters in this blog post. They are easy to build and take less than four hours to complete. Isn’t it an excellent last-minute planter idea?

2. DIY Mini Gabion Planter Idea

DIY Gabion Planter 2

Watch this video tutorial to make mini gabion planters in three distinct sizes. You only need wire mesh, coconut husk, and flowering plants to complete this amazing DIY project.

3. DIY Hanging Cone-Shaped Gabion Planter

Stunning Gabion Planter Ideas

Create a breathtaking plant display in your living area with cone-shaped gabion planters. They will definitely go quite well with every home decor setting, whether beach-themed or farmhouse style. Besides spicing up home interiors, these are great for gifting purposes.

4. DIY Round Gabion Flower Planter Idea

Round Gabion Flower Pot Idea

Take dollar store wire baskets, fill them with small beach stones, and your gabion planter is ready to show off your beautiful flowering plants. Just remember to use a transparent container to hold plants inside the gabion planter.

5. DIY Gabion Planter with Colorful Gravel Rocks

Gabion Plant Holder with Colorful Gravel Rocks

Adorned with tiny rocks of different colors, these mini gabion planters are excellent table centerpieces for compact spaces. Watch this video tutorial for the step-by-step instructions and list of required supplies.

6. Unique Tortoise Gabion Planter Idea

Tortoise Gabion Plant Holder

This tortoise-shaped gabion planter will make your garden a talking point in the neighborhood. You can easily make this quirky garden feature at home with small rocks, a metal wire, and a potted plant.

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