7 Best DIY Gun Magazine Storage Ideas

Explore these easy-to-follow DIY Gun Magazine Storage Ideas to keep them safe, organized, and easily accessible!

If you have been struggling with firearms magazine storage for years, consider checking out these DIY ideas that are easy to implement without any professional help. You don’t have to be a pro DIYer for these projects.

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DIY Gun Magazine Storage Ideas

1. DIY Inexpensive Gun Magazine Organizer

Gun Magazine Storage 1

Do you have a pegboard installed in your gun room? If so, then you only need a wire shelving and a bracket to organize your gun magazines. It’s a super simple and cheap storage solution.

2. DIY Taco Pistol Mag Pouch Cheap

Want a portable magazine holder that you can use on the go? Make one by taking inspiration from this YouTube video tutorial.

3. Pistol Magazine Storage Rack

Gun Magazine Storage 3

This video shows how to make a pistol magazine rack for the gun cabinet. It can be hung inside or outside the cabinet doors. Watch this tutorial for more info.

4. Pegboard Magazine Holder

If DIYing is not your strong suit, you can use store-bought magazine holders to arrange multiple caliber magazines. They can easily mounted on any pegboard.

5. Gun Magazine in Storage Container


Keep your gun or pistol magazines safe and easily accessible in a plastic storage container. This solution protects them from dust and moisture.

6. Tactical Magazine Storage Can

Gun Magazine Storage 7

Equipped with precut foam padding, this storage box can hold 25-30 gun magazines quite easily. You can find this type of container online stores or at the nearest firearm shops.

7. Magazine Wall Storage

Gun Magazine Storage 9

If you have an empty wall in your gun room, use these plastic holders to corral your gun magazines. These are easy to install with some screws and an electric drill.

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