7 Best Karate Belt Display Ideas

Transform karate belts into a conversation-starting home decor with these Karate Belt Display Ideas! They are easy to make and cheap, too!

Karate belts are more than just accessories—they are symbols of hard work and dedication. That’s why, instead of letting the belts collect dust in the closet drawer, showcase them with pride using these belt display ideas.

Karate Belt Display Ideas

1. Karate Belt Display Rack

Want to showcase your kiddo’s hard work that he/she has been doing in karate? Just make this belt holder and display their karate belts in style. Get the complete instructions and list of supplies in this article.

2. Industrial Style Karate Belt Holder

Karate Belt Display 3

Learn how to make an industrial-style karate belt holder in this detailed post. You only need steel pipes, steel pipe flange, screws, pipe elbow, wall anchors, drill, and steel pipe nipple for this project.

3. Martial Arts Belt Display Vase

All you need is a glass vase to show off your karate or Tae Kwon Do belts. It can hold 6-8 belts quite easily. Read this post to learn more about this inexpensive display idea.

4. DIY Karate Belt Stand

Karate Belt Display 5

Watch this visual tutorial to build a karate belt stand using a round piece of wood, a dowel rod, and a tiny wooden ball. The best part is that you can customize its size according to the number of belts you have.

5. Creative Martial Arts Belt Display!

If you want to display your karate belts in a creative way, consider checking out this video tutorial. Your guests and family members will surely amazed by this wall decor piece.

6. Curtain Rod Karate Belt and Medals Display

Karate Belt Display 7

Grab a curtain rod and some hardware to make a simple karate belt and medals display station. This option is best for people with a limited budget.

7. DIY Martial Arts Belt Display

Karate Belt Display 9

Do you have lots of martial arts or karate belts that are cluttered in a closet? Simply watch this video tutorial and make a large belt display station.

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