16 Awesome Pampas Grass Arrangements Ideas

Searching for an instant decor upgrade? These Pampas Grass Arrangements are the perfect solution. They’ll go well with any home interior!

Whether you want to fill your home with boho chic vibes or seek a unique focal point for special occasions, these Pampas Grass Arrangements have everything you need to know.

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Pampas Grass Arrangements Ideas

1. Pampass Vase DisplayPampas Grass Arrangements 1

Transform the look and ambiance of your living space with a pampas vase display. Pair some roses and dried foliage with the pampas stalks to take this setup to a new level. You can also wrap LED string lights around the vase for added charm.

2. Pampas Grass Mantel Arrangement

Amp up your monotonous fireplace mantel by showcasing pampas grass in glass jars. This easy, affordable, quick-to-implement setup can go well with every home decor. The neutral tones of pampas grass make it ideal for seasonal or year-round decor.

3. Pampass Grass in Ceramic PotPampas Grass Arrangements 3

Spice up the look and feel of your kitchen island with a pampas grass ceramic pot centerpiece. Adding dried flowers, leaves, or succulents can make it even more eye-catching. This arrangement is perfect for small spaces and gives an earthy touch to your room.

4. Wedding Table Centerpiece


A tall cylindrical glass vase adorned with pampas grass makes for a simple yet stunning wedding table centerpiece. Elevate this setup with candles and decorative foliage. This pocket-friendly idea is an excellent last-minute decor option.

5. Pampass Grass WreathPampas Grass Arrangements 5

Decorate the front door or any wall with a pampas grass wreath for a warm, welcoming feel. You only need a wreath frame, pampas grass, and some floral wire. It’s affordable, quick to make, and easily interchangeable with the seasons.

6. Bathroom Vanity Pampass Grass Decor

Place small, different-sized vases with pampas grass on your bathroom vanity to elevate the existing decor. This fuss-free idea is not only budget-friendly but also adds a spa-like atmosphere.

7. Minimalist Office DecorPampas Grass Arrangements 7

Introduce a minimalist vibe in your home office by showcasing pampas grass in a peculiar vase. You can opt for a geometric-shaped vase for added visual interest. This no-fuss arrangement blends well with contemporary or minimalist office designs.

8. Dining Table Pampass Grass Decor

Want an eye-grabbing centerpiece for your dining table? A glass vase filled with tall pampas grass is a great option. It can be embellished with seasonal ornaments like pine cones or Christmas balls.

9. Pampass Grass Patio Decor

Use pampas grass to enhance your outdoor patio area. Showcase them on urns around the patio table. To add more flair, consider placing lights or candles near the urns. This turns your patio into a cozy outdoor retreat.

10. Pampass Grass Floating Shelf Decor

Looking to update your floating shelf decor easily and quickly? Simply place a small vase with pampas grass on the shelf, and that’s it. This is the best way to add charm and character to your home decor.

11. Kitchen Counter Pampass Grass DisplayPampas Grass Arrangements 13

Turn an empty kitchen counter corner into an attractive conversation point with a vase full of pampas grass. Among the pampas grass arrangements, this decor option is ideal for breaking up the solidity of kitchen appliances and utensils.

12. Entryway Decor

Welcome guests with a vase full of pampas grass on the entryway table. This arrangement not only makes a strong first impression but also sets a calming, nature-inspired tone as one enters your home.

13. Living Room Corner Spruce-Up

Deck up your empty living room corner with a glass vase filled with pampas grass for a captivating display. Consider adding a small floor lamp or side table for added aesthetic appeal.

14. Window Sill Pampass Grass DisplayPampas Grass Arrangements 17

Prettify your window sill with a vase displaying pampas grass. This easy to setup arrangement is an eye-grabbing focal point for any space. The natural light from the window highlights the unique texture of the pampas grass.

15. Coffee Table Centerpiece

Create a low-profile centerpiece for your coffee table with pampas grass and a glass jar. This decor doesn’t block the view during conversations. Plus, it provides a neutral base for decorative pieces like coffee table books or coasters.

16. Balcony Full of Pampas Grass

Pampas Grass Arrangements 19

Make your apartment balcony stand out by beautifying its railing with pampas grass stalks. For an added touch, use fairy lights along the railing to turn your balcony into a whimsical outdoor space.

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