8 Vintage Fishing Lure Display Ideas

Browse these Vintage Fishing Lure Display Ideas and showcase your prized collection with pride! They are perfect for organizing your favorite pieces!

If you have a collection of vintage fishing lures gathering dust in a drawer, its time to display them in style with these amazing ideas. They are easy to implement and affordable, too.

Vintage Fishing Lure Display Ideas

1. Shadow Box Vintage Fishing Lures Display

Vintage Fishing Lure Display 1

Learn how to build a shadow box to display your treasured vintage fishing lures on the wall. It will also keep the lures neatly organized and safe from dust.

2. Wall-Mounted Corkboard Fishing Lure Holder

Vintage Fishing Lure Display 2

Install a piece of corkboard inside a wooden picture frame, and your fishing lure display is ready. Just use push pins to showcase your vintage fishing lures in style.

3. Pegboard Fishing Lure Display

Vintage Fishing Lure Display 3

You only need to mount a pegboard with some hooks on an empty wall to organize and display fishing lures. It’s a versatile solution that can be easily customized to store numerous items.

4. Fishing Lures in Glass Jars

DIY Fishing Lure Display Ideas

Are you looking for a super affordable display solution for fishing lures? Large mason jars fit the bill. Besides grouping lures by size and color, the glass jars enhance the home decor, too.

5. Driftwood Fishing Lure Hanger

DIY Fishing Lure Display Ideas 2


Give your coastal-themed home interior a perfect focal point with this driftwood fishing lure display station. A piece of driftwood, nails/screws, and some hooks are needed to complete this DIY.

6. Window Frame Turned Fishing Lure Display

Hang on Window Frame

Transform an old window frame into a unique rustic fishing lure holder with a chicken wire mesh. Anyone with basic DIY skills can complete this project. The best part is no woodworking skill is needed.

7. Grid Wall Panel

Grid Wall Panel

Mount a grid wall panel using screws, and your fishing lure organizer is ready. It’s the best solution for those with an extensive collection of lures.

8. DIY Fishing Lure Display Stands

Fishing Lure Display Stands

Take a look at this video tutorial and build fishing lure display stands from wood. These stands will look great on the bookcase, floating shelves, and fireplace mantel.

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