9 Creative Craft Ideas For Sharks Teeth

From necklaces to coasters and amazing bracelets, the possibilities of craft ideas for sharks teeth are endless! Here are the top picks!

Are you looking to transform your collection of shark teeth into unique, handmade creations? Consider checking out these shark teeth craft ideas.

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Craft Ideas For Sharks Teeth

1. DIY Fossilized Shark Teeth Coaster

Craft Ideas For Sharks Teeth 1

If you have a collection of shark teeth, then make a stylish coaster out of them using this video tutorial. It’s a time-consuming project, but you’ll surely love the end result.


  • Coaster mold
  • Sharks teeth
  • Resin

2. Shark Out of Shark Teeth

Craft Ideas For Sharks Teeth 2

Watch this video tutorial to make a shark on an underwater-themed painting using shark teeth and other supplies. It’s excellent for decoration and gifting purposes.


  • Wood Cutout of a Shark
  • Blank White Canvas
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Palette
  • Shark Teeth

3. DIY Shark Tooth Necklace

Craft Ideas For Sharks Teeth 3

Featuring shark teeth and beads, this necklace will surely make your outfit stand out. Hop to this step-by-step tutorial for the instructions.


  • Large Shark Tooth
  • 8-10 inches of Thin Craft Wire
  • Necklace Cord
  • Clasp
  • Beads

4. Shark Tooth Earrings

Craft Ideas For Sharks Teeth 4

Want one-of-a-kind jewelry for your Halloween outfit? These shark tooth earrings are the best option. It’s easy to make with these instructions.


  • Two Shark Teeth
  • 5” of Jewellery Wire
  • Pliers
  • Super Glue
  • Tiny Beads
  • Earring Hooks

5. DIY Shark Tooth Bracelet

Craft Ideas For Sharks Teeth 5

This shark tooth bracelet is an excellent gift option for friendship day, birthdays, and anniversaries. If you want to make one, check out this video tutorial.


  • Waxed Polyester Strings
  • Beads
  • Shark Tooth
  • Macrame Board
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Lighter

6. Shark Tooth Copper Wire Bracelet

Craft Ideas For Sharks Teeth 6

In this video, the crafter displays her creativity by making a bracelet out of copper craft wire, shark tooth, and a few tools. Anyone with basic DIYing skills can try their hands on this project.


  • Copper Craft Wire
  • Plier
  • Shark Tooth
  • Hammer
  • Soldering Iron

7. Mini Glass Bottle and Shark Teeth Necklace

Mini Glass Bottle and Shark Teeth Necklace

Learn how to make a peculiar necklace out of a mini glass bottle and shark teeth in this easy craft. You can replace the teeth with other tiny trinkets for a personalized touch.


  • Mini Glass Bottle with Cork Stopper
  • Screw-in Metal Eye Hook
  • Sharks Teeth
  • Necklace Chain and Clasp

8. DIY Shark Tooth Keyring

Shark Tooth Keyring

Looking for a unique handmade gift for your loved one? Look no further and make this shark tooth key ring. It’s easy to put together, even for a newbie DIYer.


  • Shark Tooth
  • Some Malleable Craft Wire
  • Key Ring
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutter

9. DIY Gold-Tipped Shark Tooth Necklace

Gold-Tipped Shark Tooth Necklace

Enhance the look of your outfit with this gold-tipped shark tooth necklace. It’s best for festive and daily outfits. You can use either faux or real tooth for this project.


  • Shark’s Tooth
  • Gold Leaf Flakes
  • Mod Podge
  • Clear Nail Polish
  • Cotton Swab
  • Thin Gold-toned Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Gold-Toned Jump Rings
  • Super Glue
  • Thin Gold Necklace Chain

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