31 DIY Charm Necklace Ideas For Girls

Try out these DIY charm necklace ideas to add a stunning add-on to an ordinary dress. These ideas are easy to make with assorted chains, ribbons, and pendants.

1. DIY Charm Necklace Ideas

DIY Charm Necklace Ideas1

Create your version of a charm necklace with ribbons, braided embroidery, and assorted chains that tie up the look together and offer more accents than individual pieces. Here’s the DIY.

2. Vintage Key Charm Necklace

DIY Charm Necklace Ideas2

Give gravity to an attractive bead charm with grungy accessories like a vintage-looking key and jump rings to create a look that is feminine in a subtle kind of way. Here’s the full DIY.

3. $3 DIY Charm Necklace

DIY Charm Necklace Ideas3

Get your charm necklaces done with that spare change lying in your pocket and a little help from your craft stash. Get the DIY here.

4. DIY Charm Necklace From Earrings

DIY Charm Necklace Ideas4

Don’t fret over your lost earring; use the one left to make a stylish charm necklace and accessorize with pearls and beads as accents. Here’s the DIY.

5. DIY Charm Necklace for Mother’s Day

DIY Charm Necklace Ideas5

The texture of wax paper, when combined with colorful beads and ribbons, give you an eye-catching charm necklace that makes for a heartfelt Mother’s Day gift. Get the DIY here.

6. DIY Heart Thumbprint Charm Necklaces

DIY Charm Necklace Ideas6

The thumbnail charm design is a cute idea for a friendship day gift, and personalizing it is easy so that you can create variations in no time for all your friends. Here’s the DIY.

7. DIY Glitter Heart Charms Necklace

Amp up the glamor quotient of beaded charms with colorful glitter. Here’s the DIY.

8. Easy DIY Charm Necklaces

Bring quirky charm to a drab dress with this attractive owl necklace. Details are here.

9. Unicorn DIY Charms Necklace

Looking for a beautiful birthday gift that your little girl will like? Give this unicorn necklace DIY a try. It’s a lovely accessory to go with her dress as well.

10. DIY Customized Ornament & Charm Necklace

For a quirky touch to your outfit, use salvaged bits from old ornaments and string them with your charm pendant for your very own personalized necklace. Here’s the DIY.

11. DIY Chain & Charm Necklaces

Get the grunge look of chain necklaces adorned with jump rings and any charm of your choice. Here’s the DIY.

12. Handmade Charm Necklace

The antique finish of the alloy pendant, coupled with the floral accents forms the main highlight of this vintage charm necklace. Get the DIY here.

13. Memory Charm Necklace

Featuring chains, toggle rings, seashells and trinkets, this festive-inspired charm necklace is a lovely accessory to gift to your bridesmaids. Get the DIY here.

14. DIY Wooden Charm Necklace

DIY Charm Necklace Ideas14

These wooden charm necklaces are super easy to make and personalize, meaning you can finish off a bunch of handmade gifts for each of your friends in an hour straight. Here’s the DIY.

15. DIY Golden Charm Necklace

DIY Charm Necklace Ideas15

A statement piece in itself, the golden charm necklace is perfect as a go-to accessory. Plus, you can string it into keyrings or golden loop rings for more glamor. Take a look at the DIY here.

16. DIY Charm Necklace

DIY Charm Necklace Ideas16

The neat craft idea is a problem solver for people who keep losing their keys. Just whip out some beads and resin glaze and head over to this DIY for inspiration.

17. DIY Lucky Charm Necklace

DIY Charm Necklace Ideas17

Put together pretty little treasured handpicked from hiking trips into a memory charm necklace that is sure to bring good luck in your future travels. Feathers and pinecones are top choices. Follow this DIY.

18. DIY Animal Charm Necklaces

DIY Charm Necklace Ideas18

Using cute animal charms for your pendant means you have a necklace that can even double up as a nice keychain dangler for your girl’s backpack. Here’s the DIY.

19. DIY Eighties Charm Necklace

DIY Charm Necklace Ideas19

Infuse retro vibes to your charm necklace by using colorful erasers as embellishments. Here’s the DIY.

20. Delicate And Feminine DIY Charm Necklace

DIY Charm Necklace Ideas20

With jump rings, lobster clamps, and a gold chain, you have an elegant necklace that you can combine with any of your clothes. Get the DIY here.

21. Personalized Charm Necklace For A Mom

DIY Charm Necklace Ideas21

Encourage your child’s achievements with a pint-sized snapshot of his past victories. Get the charm necklace DIY here.

22. DIY Harry Potter Bottle Cap Charm Necklace!

The Harry Potter world is brimming with stuff that deserves to be turned into jewelry. Take your pick from old favorites like the Snitch and give them a trendy spin with this charm necklace DIY.

23. Simple Charm Necklace

A two-tiered necklace studded with heart pendants is a cute accessory to wear at work without drawing raised eyebrows. Make one with these instructions in the video.

24. Polymer Clay Peace Sign Charm Necklace DIY

With polymer clay as the base and fascinating colors, the peace sign necklace is a fun accessory to wear to the games as a show of unity between warring teams. Get the easy DIY in the video.

25. DIY Sweet Charm Necklace

The thing with charm necklaces is that the simpler they’re, the prettier they look. Take this DIY, for example.

26. Stamped Christmas Charm Necklace DIY

This holiday-inspired necklace features a gold chain fitted with stamped charms, turning this into a thoughtful and easy gift for the woman in your life.

27. DIY Perler Bead Charm Necklace

When making a charm necklace for pre-teen girls, consider Perler beads as your go-to adornment. It comes in fun colors and shapes that can be combined with endless possibilities.

28. DIY Potion Charm Necklace

The mystical potion charm necklace features an empty glass vial that can be customized to reflect different colors for different moods of your personality.

29. DIY Deathly Hallows Charms/Necklace

Another Harry Potter-inspired jewelry making tutorial, this one even includes a bonus hack for creating matching earrings to go with the overall Goth look.

30. Snowman Resin Charm Necklace

Of all the DIY charm necklace ideas in this list, this idea is probably the easiest to do with clear resin. Turn resin into any charm of your choice with this easy and fun tutorial.

31. Silver Flower Charm Necklace DIY

The intricate pattern of this silver charm pendant offers a classic vintage look without trying too hard, giving you an accessory fit for formal occasions.

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