10 DIY Clay Coasters Ideas

Upgrade the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home or office table setting with these personalized DIY Clay Coasters Ideas!

There is no need to buy coasters when you can craft some eye-catching ones with clay.  These fancy coasters is easy to make and doesn’t require a lot of time or supplies.

DIY Clay Coasters Ideas

1. DIY Faux Agate Clay Coasters

DIY Clay Coasters 1

Are you hosting an outdoor party and want to add unique conversation starters to the tables? These faux agate coasters are the best option.

2. Rainbow Inspired Clay Coasters

DIY Clay Coasters 2

These rainbow-shaped coasters are easy to make and look super cute in any decor setting. You can also use them for gifting purposes.

3. DIY Faux Terrazzo Coasters

DIY Clay Coasters 3

Bring the ’70s retro vibe to your party decor with these faux terrazzo clusters. They will look great on your coffee table and next to plants or any other decor.

4. Stamped Air Dry Clay Coasters

Easy to Make Clay Coasters Ideas

Show off your clay crafting skills by making these stamped casters out of air dry clay. This project doesn’t require baking, so you don’t need any special equipment or high temperatures.

5. DIY Marble Hexagon Coasters

Easy to Make Clay Coasters Ideas

To make these stunning marbled coasters, grab black & white clay, a rolling pin, parchment paper, hexagon box lids, and an X-acto knife.

6. Confetti Clay Coasters Idea

Easy to Make Clay Coasters Ideas

These adorable confetti coasters not only prevent the formation of water rings but also brighten up the coffee table. Follow this tutorial for the making instructions.

7. DIY Marbled Clay Coasters

Marbled Clay Coasters

Made from different colored clay, these stunning marble coasters have a pop of gold with painted edges. Anyone with clay sculpting skills can bring these beautiful pieces to life.

8. Air Dry Clay Monstera Leaf Coasters

Air Dry Clay Monstera Leaf Coasters

Bring tropical vibes to your tabletop with these monstera leaf-shaped coasters. They will complement any table setting and home decor.

9. DIY Palm Leaf Coaster Idea

Palm Leaf Coaster Idea

Want to uplift your party table decoration with tropical-themed accessories? These palm-leaf engraved coasters fit the bill.

10. Clay Cat Coasters

Cat Coaster Idea

Are you a parent of a cute little furbaby? Then, these kitty face coasters will surely fascinate you. They are easy to make with clay and a few supplies.

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