6 Best DIY Coaster Holder Ideas

Want to keep your scattered coasters neatly arranged and accessible? Take inspiration from these best DIY Coaster Holder Ideas!

If you’re tired of messy tables and drawers due to disorganized coasters, it’s time to keep them in order using these amazing ideas. They are quite affordable, quick, and easy to implement.

DIY Coaster Holder Ideas

1. DIY Scrap Wood Drink Coasters with Holder

DIY Coaster Holder Ideas 1

Rather than discarding wood scraps in the trash can, upcycle them to create drink coasters and a matching holder. It’s a beginner-friendly woodworking project. Get the complete list of supplies and instructions in this article.

2. Modern Black Walnut Coasters Holder Idea

DIY Coaster Holder Ideas 2

Learn how to assemble a modern coaster holder and coasters with walnut hardwood in this detailed tutorial. Besides protecting the table surface from water marks, this duo will complement any home or office setting with its contemporary look.

3. DIY Crochet Coaster Box with Lid Free Pattern

DIY Coaster Holder Ideas 3

If you want a unique coaster holder instead of a regular wooden one, this crocheted version is the best option for you. It’s made of worsted-weight cotton yarn, a 4mm crochet hook, tapestry needles, and scissors.

4. DIY Wooden Coasters & Matching Holder

DIY Coaster Holder Ideas 4

Take inspiration from this video tutorial to build an intricately shaped wooden coaster holder that will definitely spark conversations. The best part is that it can be easily customized according to your requirements.

5. DIY Minimalist Pine Coaster Holder Idea

Minimalist Pine Coaster Stand Idea

Gather 3/4″ pine shelving, 1/4″ dowel, painter’s tape, a 17/64 drill bit, a circular saw, blade, rubber mallet, and wood glue to make a minimalist coaster holder.

6. Mini Mahogany Pallet Coaster Holder Idea

Mini Mahogany Pallet Coaster Stand

Show off your creativity and DIYing skills by making this mahogany pallet coaster holder and the peculiar coasters. They will be a great functional yet decorative addition to rustic-themed parties or special events.

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