8 Amazing Elk Mount Ideas

Take inspiration from these eye-grabbing, focal-point-worthy Elk Mount Ideas and showcase your hunting trophy collection with pride.

From rustic log cabins to contemporary urban homes, these Elk Mount Ideas are the best way to show off your hunting trophy in an appealing way.

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Elk Mount Ideas

1. Elk European Wall Plaque Mount

Elk Mount Ideas 1

Grab the attention of your guests and loved ones by hanging an elk skull on a rustic wooden plaque. It’s the best way to spice up any wall with your prized hunting trophy. You can also use a faux skull as well.

2. Elk Metal Head Mount

Elk Mount Ideas 2

If you don’t like the idea of hunting, this metal elk head mount is a fantastic alternative. Crafted from metal, this piece captures the beauty and majesty of the elk without harming the wildlife.

3. Elk Shoulder Wall Mount

Elk Mount Ideas 3

Amp up the look and ambiance of your home decor with this elk shoulder wall mount. It’s a conversation starter, capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of wildlife. It’s one of the best elk mount ideas on this list.

4. Elk Antler Mount

Elk Mount Ideas 4

Watch this video tutorial and learn how to mount elk horns onto a traditional shield-shaped wooden plaque. It makes your living space or cabin stand out in the neighborhood.

5. Elk Pedestal Mount

Elk Mount Ideas 5

Highlighted by a large elk, plants, driftwood, and a broken wheel, this pedestal mount is a conversation-starting focal point.

6. European Elk Skull Mount

European Skull Mount

Don’t know how to display your prized hunting possession? Simply mount the elk skull on the desired wall with a metal hanger, and that’s it. This setup is what you need to transform the appearance of your boring space.

7.  Faux Elk Head Wall Mount

Faux Head Wall Mount

Add nature-inspired charm to space with this faux elk head mount. This display piece is a fabulous addition to your holiday aesthetic. It’s great for compact living spaces with low ceilings.

8. Elk Full Body Taxidermy Mount

Elk Life-Size Taxidermy Mount

Introduce this life-size elk taxidermy mount in your cabin or living space as a chic focal point. The elk is standing on a custom-made base with elements like land, driftwood, and small plants.

Elk Mount Ideas: FAQs

1. How Much Does an Elk Shoulder Mount Cost?

The cost of an elk shoulder mount can significantly vary depending on several factors, including the taxidermist’s skill level and location, quality of work, and specifics of the mount itself. For the best prices, it’s recommended to talk to a local taxidermist.

2. How to Mount an Elk Skull?

Pick a strong board that matches the skull in size. Attach a bracket to the board using screws. Use a wire or special hook to tie the skull to the bracket. Make sure the skull is straight. You might need to make holes in the skull. After that, hang the mounted skull on a strong part of your wall. Use strong fixtures to keep it safe.

This article does not support the idea of hunting elk for decoration purposes.

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