10 Squirrel Mount Ideas

Are you looking to refresh your home decor with nature’s touch? Check out these quirky and creative Squirrel Mount Ideas!

Make your log cabin, office, or home interior stand out with these focal point-worthy Squirrel Mount Ideas. Let’s explore some of the best examples below.

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Squirrel Mount Ideas

1. Hunter Squirrel Taxidermy Mount

Squirrel Mount Ideas 1

This table mount features a life-size squirrel standing on a wooden base with a shotgun. Perfect for those who appreciate nature with a touch of quirkiness, it brings character and a playful narrative to any room.

2. Football Playing Gray Squirrel Full Mount

Squirrel Mount Ideas 2

Highlighted by a miniature football, this squirrel taxidermy mount is a creative and humorous take on traditional animal mounts. A solid cherry panel is used as a base for this taxidermy mount.

3. Grey Squirrel Wall Mount

Squirrel Mount Ideas 3

In this display, a grey squirrel is placed on a wooden branch. This minimalist wall mount is fit for those who appreciate a rustic touch and wildlife in their decor. It’s one of the best squirrel mount ideas.

4. Needle Felted Squirrel Head Mount

Squirrel Mount Ideas 4

Mounted on a wooden plaque, the squirrel head is made from needle felting. In this technique, a barbed needle, wool, and DIYing skills are used to create a realistic squirrel head. This mount idea is great for those who want to appreciate the beauty of squirrels but hates the idea of hunting.

5. Squirrel On Tractor Taxidermy Mount

Squirrel Mount Ideas 5

A life-size squirrel driving a miniature tractor is an outstanding decor piece. It adds character to any space and serves as an interesting conversation starter. You can put this mount on a mantel or use it as a table centerpiece.

6. Grey Squirrel in Canoe Table Mount

Squirrel Mount Ideas 6

Amp up the wow factor of your home decor by adding this captivating piece featuring a grey squirrel on a tiny canoe. This squirrel mount will surely make a lasting impression on guests and loved ones alike.

7. Aladdin Squirrel on a Flying Carpet

Aladdin Squirrel on a Flying Carpet

Add a touch of magic and fantasy to your monotonous home decor by incorporating this cool flying Aladdin squirrel mount. In this display, a preserved squirrel is suspended in mid-air on a magical carpet.

8. Funny Gunslinger Squirrel Mount

Gunslinger Squirrel Mount

Showcase your hunting trophy in style like this gunslinger squirrel mount. This eye-catching display features a squirrel striking a bold pose with guns. It’s the best way to bring fun, humor, and unexpected element to your home decor.

9. Soldier Squirrel Head Mount

Soldier Head Mount

For a unique and patriotic twist on animal mounts, consider this soldier-themed squirrel shoulder mount. It’s an eye-grabbing piece that is adorned with military attire and accessories. Display this one-of-a-kind squirrel mount with pride and let it capture the attention of your guests.

10. Squirrel Guardsman Taxidermy Table Mount

Guardsman Taxidermy Table Mount

Crafted with attention to detail, this intriguing display features a mounted squirrel positioned as a vigilant guardsman. It’s one of the best ways to display your little hunting trophy.

Note: All these mount ideas are also used for the fox squirrel, black squirrel, mount graham red squirrel, and albino squirrel.

Squirrel Mount Ideas: FAQs

1. How Much Does it Cost to Mount a Squirrel?

The cost of mounting a squirrel can vary on a number of factors, including the taxidermist’s experience, the complexity of the mount, and local market rates. On average, the cost of a life-size squirrel mount starts from $180 and goes up from there. However, more intricate designs, like action poses or detailed settings, can raise the price considerably. Additionally, some taxidermists charge extra for cleaning and preparing the animal. This cost doesn’t include the price of obtaining the squirrel legally, which may involve hunting or trapping fees. As with any service, it’s advisable to get several quotes before proceeding. Remember, quality and ethical sourcing are key when choosing a taxidermist.

This article doesn’t support the idea of wildlife hunting for mounting and other purposes.

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