18 Genius Bathroom Cleaning Hacks For A Clean Bathroom

These are all the Genius Bathroom Cleaning Hacks you need to keep your bathroom germ free, spot free, and odor free!

1. Remove Water Spots

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Sometimes, removing hard water spots and rings can be as easy as rubbing a slice of lemon on your taps and faucets. Get more details at Hometalk!

2. Eliminate the Urine Smell in the Bathroom

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks2

This hack at fabulesslyfrugal shows you how to remove persistent pee odors in the bathroom using stuff lying around in your home right now.

3. Toilet Bowl Brush Drip Dry

bathroom cleaning hacks

Cleaning the toilet is more about the brain than brawn. This DIY here tells you why!

4. Clean Your Bathtub With Grapefruit

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks4

Clean your bathtub naturally by scrubbing it with sliced grapefruit. This DIY here has more details.

5. Make Your Own “Before You Go” Toilet Spray

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks5

Spritz your toilet bowl with this scented spray before you go. Get the recipe here.

6. Clean Glass Shower Doors

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks6

Take a look at these two super easy hacks here to keep your shower door transparent and gleaming.

7. Simple Shower And Tub Cleaner

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks7

Mixing vinegar and dishwashing detergent give you a powerful spray-and-wipe shower and tub cleaner. Find this super cool bathroom cleaning hack here.

8. Bathroom Exhaust Fan Clean

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks8

Here’s a trick that’s faster than vacuuming if you want to clean the dust choking grille of your bathroom exhaust fan.

9. Remove Stubborn Stains With Acid Magic

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks9

If rust and dirt accumulation is discoloring your toilet or bathtub, try this hack here.

10. Clean Grout With a Bleach Pen

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks10

Cleaning dirty grout of your bathroom is easier and quicker with this bleach pen. See more at the Family Handyman.

11. Clean your shower curtain liner in the washing machine

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks11

Add baking soda and your regular detergent to eliminate the most resistant stains. Learn more here!

12. Clean Soap Scum With Cooking Spray

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks12

If years of shampooing and soap lathering are taking a toll on your bathroom walls, wipe off the scum with some nonstick cooking spray. The tutorial post is here!

13. Clean a Porcelain Sink

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks13

A little elbow grease and bleach can help you deal with those unsightly stains on your porcelain sink. Find the detailed post here!

14. Remove those Stubborn Hard Water Stains

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks14

Clean up crusty gunks of hard water stains from faucets with a rag cloth dipped in vinegar. Get more details here.

15. Clean a Showerhead with Vinegar

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks15

Vinegar does a remarkable job of removing mineral deposits and dirt build-up from showerheads. Understand the complete DIY process here.

16. Clean Vents

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks16

Waxing your vents not only makes them shiny and clean but also eases out the hassles of a future dusting. Learn more here!

17. Clean a Toilet – The Back Ledge Under The Tank

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks17

Learn how to clean the back ledge under the tank of the toilet to get rid of urine splash and smell here.

18. Getting Mold Out of the Shower

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks18

If mold is ruining the aesthetics of your shower, tub joint, and grout, use cotton balls soaked in bleach. The detailed post is here.

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