5 Relaxing DIY Indoor Water Fountains For Your Home

If you love the sound of water, introduce it to your urban home by making one of these DIY Indoor Water Fountains!

1. Tiny Natural Indoor Water Fountain

indoor water fountain

Enjoy the sound of water in your living room by making this indoor water fountain. Visit The Family Handyman for the tutorial.

2. Simple Indoor Water Feature

indoor water fountain2

Make an interesting indoor water feature following the tutorial available at Instructables.

3. Indoor Tabletop Fountain

indoor water fountain3

Get a container, water pump, and a few other general supplies to make this indoor tabletop fountain. Visit wikiHow for the instructions.

4. A Relaxing Indoor Zen Fountain

indoor water fountain4

Make a relaxing indoor Zen fountain for your home following the tutorial at Sproutabl.

5. DIY Indoor Water Fountain

indoor water fountain5

Another DIY indoor water fountain tutorial coming from Instructables, and would you believe it’s made using plastic bottles?

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