10 Best Hair Dryer Storage Ideas

Are you looking for cheap and easy-to-implement Hair Dryer Storage Ideas? Look no further and browse this article till the end!

Streamline your hair care routine with these smart Hair Dryer Storage Ideas. These storage solutions are great for keeping hair blower accessible and ready to use when needed.

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Hair Dryer Storage Ideas

1. In-Cupboard Hair Dryer Holder

Hair Dryer Storage 1

Want to keep your hair blower out of sight inside the cupboard? This hair dryer holder is for you. Gather plywood, wooden screws, sandpaper, jig saw, and some other supplies for this project.

2. Under-Sink Pull-Out Drawer

Install a pull-out drawer under the bathroom sink to corral your hair dryer and other accessories. This storage solution keeps the hair blower hidden and provides quick access.

3. Tin Can and Popsicle Sticks Hair Dryer Holder

Hair Dryer Storage 3

Learn how to craft a hair dryer holder out of empty tin cans and popsicle sticks in this step-by-step video tutorial. It’s a budget and beginner-friendly project

4. Metal Basket Hair Blower Storage Idea

Self-adhesive hooks and a metal basket are what you need to create the best storage solution for multiple hair dryers. You can also use this setup for storing curling irons and other hair-styling tools.

5. DIY PVC Pipe Hair Dryer Holder

Hair Dryer Storage 5

Grab a PVC coupling, white hinge, screws, and nuts to create a simple holder for your hair blower. You can paint this holder to match your bathroom decor. Read the details here.

6. Wine Rack Turned Hair Dryer Holder

Wine Rack Turned Hair Dryer Holder

Instead of discarding your old wine rack, transform it into a stylish hair dryer holder. Besides adding functionality, it also adds vintage appeal to home interiors.

7. Command Hooks Inside Cabinet

Command Hooks Inside Cabinet

If DIYing is not your cup of tea, then you only need a few command hooks to corral your hair dryer inside a cabinet. It’s an easy, no-drill option for renters.

8. DIY Hair Dryer Wall Mount

Follow this article to build a super simple and affordable wall holder for your hair dryer. It’s a great way to keep your hair blower out of the way.

9. Magazine Holder for Hair Blower

Hair Dryer Storage 9

Do you have an old metal magazine holder? If yes, then you need nothing else to organize your hair dryer. Simply mount the magazine holder on the wall or cabinet door.

10. Basket Hair Dryer Holder

You only need a handwoven basket to corral your hair blower and other hair styling tools. It’s a super simple and cost-effective solution among the hair dryer storage ideas.

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