8 DIY Ironing Board Storage Ideas

Let’s find out how to cleverly store your ironing board in a less-spacious apartment with these Ironing Board Storage Ideas!

If you often stumble over your ironing board, it’s time to keep it neatly organized by trying one of these smart storage hacks. These ideas are easy to implement, space-saving, and super affordable.

Ironing Board Storage Ideas

1. Over-the-Door Ironing Board Storage

Ironing Board Storage 1

Say goodbye to ironing board storage woes by hanging it behind the door using an over-the-door bracket. This clever idea saves space and gives you quick access to the ironing board whenever you need it.

2. DIY Wall-Mounted Drop Down Ironing Board

DIY Wall-Mounted Drop Down Ironing Board

If you have limited floor space, mount your ironing board on the wall using this affordable solution. You only need screws, plastic spacers, drywall anchors, a drill, and a metal bit for this project.

3. Empty Space Beside Washing Machines

Empty Space Beside Washing Machines

Do you have some empty space beside or behind the washing machines? If yes, make the most of those unused areas by storing ironing boards. The best part is that no DIY or modifications are needed.

4. DIY Ironing Board Closet Hanger

DIY Ironing Board Closet Hanger

If DIYing is not your cup of tea, use a store-bought hanger to organize your ironing board in the closet. It keeps the board within reach and out of sight.

5. Pegboard Ironing Board Organizer

Ironing Board Storage 5

A pegboard is an excellent means to organize your ironing board and ironing supplies in one place. If you don’t know how to install a pegboard on the wall, check out this article.

6. DIY Rustic Wooden Ironing Board Hanger

DIY Rustic Wooden Hanger

Learn how to build a rustic ironing board hanger in this step-by-step tutorial. It’s a beginner-friendly project that only needs a 2×4 wooden board, wood stain, hook, and a few tools.

7. DIY Ironing Board Hidden Cabinet

Ironing Board Storage 7

If you want a hidden storage solution that can keep the ironing board out of sight, this custom cabinet might be for you. Get the complete instructions and supplies in this article.

8.  Industrial Ironing Board Storage Rack

Industrial Ironing Board Rack

This ironing board storage idea not only securely holds the ironing board but is also equipped with a shelf for storing ironing essentials. It uses scrap wood, pipe flanges, and a few hardware.

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