7 DIY Shower Enclosure Ideas

Want to revamp your shower area with a custom look? Check out these DIY Shower Enclosure Ideas and upgrade your space on a budget!

The shower surround ideas let you customize your bathing area without the need for a professional and a big budget. However, for some projects, you must have the experience of woodworking.

DIY Shower Enclosure Ideas

1. DIY Camp Shower Enclosure

Shower Enclosure 1

If you want a shower enclosure that can be easily assembled and installed at the camping site, this instructable is for you. This setup is time-consuming but creates a nice spot to freshen up after hiking.

2. DIY Metal Rod and Curtain Shower Enclosure

Shower Enclosure 2

All you need is a stainless steel shower curtain rod, screws, and a curtain to create an inexpensive shower enclosure. It’s an excellent option for rented bathrooms and budget remodeling projects.

3. Direct-to-Stud Shower Enclosure

Direct-to-Stud Shower Enclosure

Learn the steps to install a commercial shower enclosure directly to wall studs in this tutorial. Besides these instructions, it’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions that come with your shower surround kit.

4. DIY Outdoor Shower Enclosure

Outdoor Shower Enclosure

Do you want to build a wooden shower enclosure in your backyard to keep mess and moisture out of your home during the warmer months? Simply check out this step-by-step tutorial for more information.

5. DIY Glass Shower Surround

Glass Shower Surround

Follow this Family Handyman tutorial to install a trendy glass shower surround like a pro in your bathing area. This project requires a glass shower door, wall panels, silicone caulk, kit hardware, a drill, and a caulk gun.

6. Galvanized Corrugated Metal Shower Enclosure

Galvanized Corrugated Metal Shower Enclosure

Install this galvanized corrugated metal shower surround in your bathing area for a rustic industrial look. This detailed tutorial will help you easily complete this home improvement project.

7. DIY Metal Outdoor Shower Enclosure

Metal Outdoor Shower Enclosure DIY

Made from corrugated metal sheets, wood, and concrete, this custom shower stall has a shower area on the left and a dressing area on the right. Go through this article for instructions and a list of supplies.

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