12 Awesome Peony Arrangement Ideas

Add a splash of color and elegance to your home with these Peony Arrangement Ideas. From bouquets to centerpieces, find the perfect option here!

With their lush petals and captivating fragrance, peonies are a favorite among homeowners and gardeners. If you want to spice up your home decor with these gorgeous blooms, take inspiration from these Peony Arrangement Ideas.

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Peony Arrangement Ideas

1. Classic Peony BouquetPeony Arrangements Ideas 1

Create a timeless arrangement by combining beautiful white peonies with leaves. This budget-friendly option is an excellent way to amp up any home decor.

2. Peony and Rose Delight

Elevate the visual appeal of your regular decor with beautiful peonies and roses. Among the peony arrangements, this simple decor is perfect for special occasions.

3. Peony and Hydrangea

Make your decor stand out by pairing pink peonies with blue hydrangeas for a striking effect. This idea is simple, quick, and easy to implement in any home interior.

4. Peony Candle Centerpiece

Surround a candle with eye-grabbing peonies and other flowers. This arrangement adds a warm, inviting ambiance to the dining or coffee table.

5. Peony and Lily Elegance

Peony Arrangements Ideas 7

Showcase peonies and lilies on a glass vase for an elegant display. This amazing arrangement is perfect for everyday decor and special occasions.

6. Peony and Eucalyptus Display

If you want a last-minute decor idea for your dining table centerpiece, pair peonies and eucalyptus. It’s an excellent option to take your home’s aesthetic appeal to the next level.

7. Mini Peony BouquetsPeony Arrangements Ideas 9

Mini peony bouquets are an appealing decor option for weddings and different settings. You can place mini bouquets in a small vase or jar for a delightful display.

8. Peony and Baby’s Breath Display Idea


Want to create a visually stunning arrangement for your dining or coffee table? Grab some striking peonies, baby’s breath, foliage, and a vase.

9. Peony and SucculentPeony Arrangements Ideas 11

Creating a stunning display with peonies and succulents to amp up the aesthetic appeal of any garden or indoor space. This idea is perfect for contemporary spaces.

10. Peony Basket Arrangement

Instead of tossing out an old basket in the trash can, use it to show off your beautiful peony blooms for a rustic look. This easy and budget-friendly arrangement is perfect for casual settings.

11. Teapot Peony Display

Create a quaint floral arrangement using a teapot and peonies. This easy and budget-friendly idea adds a touch of vintage charm to your decor.

12. DIY Peony Garland


A garland of peonies and greenery is what you need to spice up your home decor. This arrangement idea is perfect for mantels or as a table runner for special occasions.

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