Pretty Unusual COFFEE Hacks and Uses You Can’t Afford To Miss!

Your love for coffee will grow leaps and bounds after seeing these unusual COFFEE uses, and learning them can make your life easier than before!

1. Grow Mushrooms

Do you know you can grow mushrooms in coffee grounds? See the step by step DIY here!

2. Coffee As a Hair Dye

Not only does a coffee dye parchment and fabrics, but it can also dye your hair. And what’s more interesting is that it can make your shiny and super soft. For this, pour coffee that has reached normal temperature after being heated, on your hair and then rinse it off after some time. The DIY guide is available here!

3. Coffee Grounds in Garden

coffee grounds in garden

Used coffee grounds are so useful in the garden. You can dispose them in the compost bin or put directly over the soil as they improve the texture of the soil. Also, you can do mulching with them. Check out coffee grounds uses in detail here!

4. Aromatic Hand Cleanser

Spending time in the kitchen with fish, onions or garlic can leave the smell. But thanks to coffee, you can easily remove the food odor from your hands by simply rubbing the coffee beans on your hands as it is known to absorb the odor. See more of it on Lifehacker!

5. Dye Your Fabrics

Dye Your Fabrics

Coffee contains natural pigments that you can use as natural dye for your fabrics and parchment paper. Just dip the fabric/paper in mixture containing water and coffee grounds and let it rest until you get the shade you desire. A step by step tutorial is available on

6. Get the Attention of Worms

Did you know that coffee attracts worms? Earthworms are the biggest fans of coffee, which is why you can mix some coffee grounds to your compost or flowerbed or mulch with it and help your plants get added nutrition for their growth. See more of it here in detail.

7. Wash Away Grime and Grease

clean pan with coffee

Did you know that the coffee grounds you throw away happens to be naturally abrasive? And the best part is you can clean away all the grime and grease from your pots and pans without hurting your hands the way commercial cleaners do. Read more here!

8. Watch Your Headache Disappear

Does a headache prevent you from leading a normal life? Well, it seems that coffee has the cure for headaches as well, especially if you take it along with some medicine for a headache. Check out this article to learn more.

9. Fertilize Your Kitchen Garden

coffee ground in kitchen garden

One of the most unusual uses for coffee is that it fertilizes your soil by increasing its nitrogen level? Instead of wasting your coffee grounds, you can use them for improving your kitchen garden’s soil quality to get nutritious veggies for your family. Here’s an informative article available for you to look at.

10. Change the Color of Your Hydrangeas

Since coffee has the ability to increase the soil’s pH level, making it acidic (expect a slight change) and the color of Hydrangea flowers is affected by acidity levels in the soil. It is a good idea to use the used coffee grounds.

11. Get Glowing Skin

coffee scrub

You spend a fortune trying to get back your skin’s glow, but the best skin treatment is one that is natural and maybe sitting right there in your kitchen. Just like this one, mix coffee grounds with Vitamin E oil, shea butter or coconut oil, to exfoliate your skin and bring back your glow. Check out this post!

12. Make Your Furniture New as Ever

Yes, coffee can also work to get rid of scratches from your furniture. For this, simply adding together the used coffee grounds, 1/4 cup warm water, and 1/4 cup vinegar and create a helpful stain that naturally fixes scuffs. Shake the mixture up, and let steep for at least an hour before using. For directions, visit POPSUGAR!

13. Make a Flea Repellent Shampoo for Your Dog:

Make A Flea Repellent Shampoo For Your Dog

If fleas are troubling your poor little pet and you’re looking for an idea that works, use coffee. It’s not about letting your canine drink coffee, but something else! See the tutorial on Wikihow.

14. Tenderize Your Meat

The acidity in coffee works similarly like the Worcestershire sauce or lemon, as it tenderizes as well as gives a smoky flavor to your meat. Brew up a strong kettle of coffee and bring it to normal temperature, or rub some coffee grinds on the meat and marinate the mixture for 24 hours at max, before you set out to grill the meat.

15. No More Puffy Eyes

No More Puffy Eyes

Make a paste out of ground coffee and water, and apply this paste on your under eye region for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off gently. To find out why it works, how it works and step by step DIY, click here!

16. Build a Trap for Roaches

It is amazing to see so many different uses of coffee. Interestingly, you can prepare a trap for cockroaches using moist coffee grounds and petroleum jelly to draw and trap the roaches. Watch the video here!

17. Get Rid of Cellulite
Get Rid Of Cellulite

Prepare a scrub using almond oil or olive oil and coffee grounds. Rub this scrub on those areas with cellulite in sweeping, circular motions and rinse it off to get rid of the cellulite. This effective DIY idea is available at

18. Do Away with Insects

If your house is infested with ants or other insects including mosquitoes then you can get rid of them using coffee grounds to make them disappear. See this! To get rid of mosquitoes- Click here. For ants- Click here.

19. Clean Up Your Garbage Disposal

DIY Coffee Grounds Garbage Disposal Cleaners

Instead of tossing your coffee grounds in the trash, give them new life and DIY these helpful garbage disposal cleaners that leave your sink smelling amazing — especially if you’re a coffee-lover! And because you are using used grounds, the little cleaners cost basically nothing to make. Must visit PopSugar to know the how to of it!

20. Paint with Coffee

Among the most unusual uses for coffee is doubling it as paint when you run short of color in your palette. Try using a mixture of coffee and water instead. You can also change the tones by using different amounts of water in the mixture. Learn more here!

21. Secret Ingredient in Mouthwatering Recipes

Secret Ingredient For A Mouthwatering Delicacy

There are many recipes that use coffee as a secret ingredient to add flavor and that special touch. You can use coffee in the preparation of some recipes to make them tasty and flavorful. Here’s a list of recipes that require coffee as a secret ingredient.

22. Clean the Mess in Your Fireplace

If you are not eager to raise a dust storm while cleaning the fireplace, then sprinkling damp and moist coffee grounds on top of the ashes after the embers have cooled can prove quite helpful. Allow the coffee grounds to sit on the ashes for at least 15 minutes before scooping out the entire mess using a metal ash can without allowing any dust to form. Visit Lifehacker to learn more about this hack.

23. Deodorize the Car Seat

Deodorize That Car Seat

If you love the smell of coffee, you’ll find this DIY more than perfect. Pick an old sock (without holes) and pour the used coffee grounds or beans into it. Tie the sock in a knot, your DIY Deodorizer is ready for work. Place it at the desired spot. Under the car, in a refrigerator, in your office or somewhere else. If you want to see this DIY in details, see the mind-blowing tutorial on Instructables!

24. Make Candles Using Coffee

For those of you who just cannot stop loving the aroma of coffee, you can now make scented candles using a handful of coffee beans. See the DIY here!

25. DIY Gardeners’ Soap

Prepare a gardener’s soap from used coffee grounds (1/3 cup) and melted glycerin soap bar (1) and cool this mixture to reshape the soap for exfoliating your dirt-caked hands. Visit Hometalk to see this DIY in detail.

26. Amazing Vase Fillers

Coffee beans can find use in almost anything, even as vase fillers. Not only will they keep the flower arrangement in place, but you can also enjoy the intoxicating coffee aroma in your room.

27. Plant Carrots Using Coffee Grounds

If you are growing carrots in your garden, it would help you to learn that carrot harvest is greatly helped by coffee grounds. To stimulate carrot growth, at the time of planting– mix the carrot seeds with coffee grounds (dried). To understand the DIY better, visit Instructables!


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  1. Amazing! I don’t even know that coffee can do so much useful thing! Especially coffee can work to get rid of scratches from my furniture. That is so wonderful you know because My cat somethings will leave scratches on my furniture! Thank you so much!

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