28 Cool DIY Plastic Bottle Projects For Home & Garden

Empty plastic bottles are of no use? Or maybe not? See these 28 Great Plastic Bottle DIY projects and crafts for home and garden and be surprised!


Rather than getting rid of the plastic bottles that lie around your home, you can utilize them to create some cool DIYs and fun crafts for your home and garden.

1. Plastic Bottle Bouquet Lamp Shade

Bouquet Lamp

If you are looking for a DIY that will be useful in your home, here is one. This colorful lamp shade will brighten up your room in no time. All you need to do is to cut the bottoms off several plastic bottles and glue them together. A step by step tutorial you can follow.

2. Everything Organizer


Here is another ingenious way to reuse plastic bottles. You can use this to organize your Makeup supplies, toothbrushes, craft supplies, cutleries and anything that can fit in it. Check out the tutorial here.

3. Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Plastic bottle greenhouse

What’s a better way to upcycle plastic bottles than making a greenhouse from them to grow plants? However, this project requires quite a good amount of labor and a lot of time, but there are many reasons (check out the tutorial link) why you should make it. Here is the step-by-step guide .

4. Minion Bowling Game


Take several bottles and then paint them with the various colors that you prefer although yellow is the standard minion color- fix the typical goggles and then follow this with a characteristic small ball (plastic) on which the minion will bowl over. Check out the tutorial here and here!

5. DIY Bird Feeder

BIRD FEEDER from plastic bottle

The choice of color scheme for these easy to make DIY bird feeders is solely yours, and you can also decide to either use fabric swatches to cover them or paint them then hang them in a strategic location in your home or garden where they frequently visit. The step by step DIY article is here and here to follow.

6. DIY Tropical Fish


This can be a cool DIY project for your kids. Also, it’ll look good, if you’re deciding to create this colorful and adorable fish, which surprisingly need very few items to complete. All you need to do is cut your plastic bottles correctly then go ahead and have a wonderful fun time numerous coloring the �fish’. Visit NWF to see step by step instructions!

7. Upcycled Hanging Bottle Pots

hanging planter from plastic bottle

Image Credit: Mama is dreaming

Make these DIY hanging pots by just cutting a little below from bottom. You can paint it with the color of your choice and ensure you remember to pierce the pot’s bottom to allow the water to drain, which is most important. The Inhabitat has a DIY post on it!

8. Plastic Bottle CD Planter


Spark that DIY spirit in you and turn a standard 2-litre soda bottle into a functional and alluring indoor planter. By cutting your bottle bottom third, painting it with your preferred color option and then using the remainder of the plastic to carve out ears and other vital features and then finally filling it with soil and seeds. Follow this link to see the instructions.

9. DIY Piggy Banks


With just a few supplies, paint options and some minutes of your time, you and your kids together can create an amazingly beautiful piggy bank that helps your children learning a habit to save money. The Instructables has a DIY article on it!

10. DIY Plastic Bottle Pot

bottle flowerpot

With just a few steps to follow, you can turn your disposable plastic bottles into stunning flower pots that you can use to grow your favorite annuals or herbs. Simply dissect your bottle into either two or even three part and then coat them with your choice of paint. Watch this video here to understand the complete project well!

11. Soda Bottle Vertical Garden

plastic bottle vertical gardening

If you are unfortunately short of garden space, vertical gardening can be your choice. It is an ideal and exciting solution for you.  See this plastic bottle vertical gardening project here and a few more on Balcony Garden Web.

12. DIY Stick Horse (2 LITRE)


This DIY stick horse can be made from 2 little soda bottles, it can be a good homemade present for your kid, or you can adorn a part of your home or garden with it. See the tutorial here!

13. DIY Jewelry Stand

JEWELRY STAND from plastic bottle

By using several plastic bottles, a simple threaded rod plus several other key supplies, you can make a gorgeous DIY jewelry stand to not only store but also display all your jewelry. You can then decide to color the bottom or leave it clear. See the step by step article on Epbot.

14. DIY Spinner Storage


Make this plastic bottle DIY spinner storage to Keep all your stationary or makeup supplies bundled up in a single, easily accessible area! By sparing some time off your schedule, you can make this in very easy steps. Here’s the tutorial.

15. Table Decor

table decor

If you need a simple and adorable decoration that is cheap then making this table decor DIY can be considered. View the DIY article here!

16. DIY Coffee Creamer Snowman


Make these cool looking snowmen out of your coffee creamer bottles that are of no use. These can be wonderful arrangements either for your table or mantle. A great DIY post is available here!

17. Craft Supply Organizer

craft supply Organizers

Keeping craft supplies organized and at one place is a difficult take. But this simple DIY can help you to organize your craft supplies using milk jugs and little time. Just cut milk jugs from the side, place your craft supplies and hang them on the rod using the handle. Here is the tutorial.

18. Plastic Bottle Candle Holder

Water Bottle Candle Holder

Simply cut a 2-litre bottle top part, then fill it with sand, rocks, marbles then nestle all your votive in it. You can also glue some ribbons on its perimeter around it to decorate. See the tutorial here!

19. Amazing Plastic Bottle Candle Holder


Decorate your home with these fabulous HOLDERS. You can also use different color combinations to suit your preference. This DIY post was curated from the Instructables.

20. Halloween Spiders

Googly-Eyed Spiders

Make your Halloween experience memorable by using spider decorations from reusing plastic bottles. It is an inexpensive way to create bizarre decoration. You can hang them in anywhere around your home or garden such as doors and on trees. Click here to learn more.

21. Soda Bottle Flower


Add either a magnet or a pin behind this stylish flower and place it at a suitable place for display. Learn how to do this here!

22. Plastic Bottle Crafty Flower Pot

straw and plastic bottle flower pot

Who would have thought that unused plastic bottles could be that useful? This one more DIY idea you can try. The website Craft Ideas has a tutorial on it.

23. DIY Glitter Vases

juice bottle glitter vases

Try to follow this easy to make DIY glitter vases idea to make use of plastic bottles. For this, you’ll need empty juice bottles and a few other supplies. See the tutorial here!

24. Plastic Bottle Flower Wreath

plastic bottle FLOWER WREATH

Attach this adorable flower wreath on your door to give your entrance a funky and unique look. The tutorial is available on Dollar Store Crafts.

25. Plastic Bottle Flower Chandelier

Plastic Bottle Chandelier Tutorial

Give a twist to your home lighting with this out of the box but easy to make chandelier made from plastic bottles. You can splash it with any of your preferred colors. The step by step article is available here.

26. Soda Bottle Candle Sleeve


This is a wonderfully adorable idea that will give a touch of splendor to your pillar candles. It would serve perfectly as an ideal gift or as a stunning decoration for tables in special events. The best part is– it is relatively cheap! Meet this awesome DIY here!

27. Plastic Bottle Pet Feeder


A perfect plastic bottle project for you if you have a pet in your home. Choose strong plastic bottles so that your pet can’t break easily. Although it seems, this idea is not suitable for owners with naughty pets. Here is the link to the tutorial.

28. Garden Sprinkler

If you’re missing a sprinkler in your garden, here’s a surprisingly easy and fun DIY using plastic bottles. This project requires a plastic bottle, some tape, and garden hose. Check out the video above for the tutorial.

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