19 Great WD-40 Uses You Should Try At Least Once

Also called a miracle spray, WD-40 is a multifunctional product and can be used efficiently in your home for many purposes. Check out these WD-40 USES to learn more!

1. Clean Tools and Prevent Rust

Making sure that tools are rust free is very important. And this is the most basic use of this anti-rusting product. Applying WD-40 on saw blades, shovel, knife or any kind of tool provide protection against rust. This product also helps to protect silver from tarnishing and help to ensure that umbrella and scissor are working correctly. See more of it here!

2. Use as a Cleaner and Lubricant on your Bike

It is also a great lubricant, and bike or bicycle owners can use it to lubricate gears and chain of their bike. The lubricant can help to reflect mud and expel moisture, which aid to prevent corrosion. Here’s a very interesting article on this for you to read!

3. Get Off that Stuck Ring

If a ring stuck on your finger, no need to struggle so much and hurt your finger. Just spray a little WD-40 and the ring will slide off. Afterward, wash your hand thoroughly after removing the ring.

4. Make Your Shoes Look New and Protect Them


This is one of our favorite WD-40 USES! Before going out spray it on your shoes to create a coat of WD-40, this will make your shoes waterproof and winterproof for some time. Also, do the spray of WD-40 on your favorite shoes to clean the dirt and remove stains, later clean with a cloth.

5. Remove Crayon or Marker Spots From Wall

If you have children and you have encountered this issue! WD-40 can be used to remove crayon marks and marker spots from a wallpaper or wall (You can also clean the furniture or appliances the same way). You just need to spray it and wipe it with a clean cloth and the marks will disappear.

6. Remove Old Cellophane Tape

Removing an old cellophane tape is not easy and leaves a mark but with WD-40 you can avoid this and quickly remove the tape. For this, spray WD-40 over the cellophane or sticker and wait a minute and then wipe it off.

7. Remove Stains

WD-40 is a great stain remover and can be used to remove ink stains, lipstick spots, and tomato stains. You just have to apply a little WD-40, and the stain will come right out. The stain remover can remove the stain on both fabric and carpet safely and effectively.

8. Repel and Kill Insects

WD-40 can also be used as an insecticide. Spraying WD-40 on common insects like spiders and cockroaches kill them. You can also it on frames and windowsills or other possible entry points of these insects. Be careful that you do not inhale it while spraying.

9. Remove Tangled Chewing Gum from Hair

Removing chewing gum tangled in your hair can be frustrating and sometimes painful. But if you have access to WD-40, you can do this in seconds! Just spray it over the gum in your hair with the spray, the gum will loose its stickiness you’ll be able to remove it easily.

10. Open Rusty Locks

The WD-40’s lubricant properties can help you to open the locks. It can penetrate into the keyhole and remove the rust that prevents from unlocking. You can also spray it on the keys.

11. Lubricate Drawers and Fix Squeaky Hinges

WD-40 is one the products that you should keep in your office as it helps to open jammed drawers and closets. In the case of the squeaky hinge on the door or window, it can be sprayed to fix the problem.

12. Improve the Life Span of Shower Heads

Most shower heads have a tendency of breaking down within a short time because of rust. But you can this by applying WD-40. Here’s a very interesting article on how to clean shower heads and applying WD-40!

13. Clean Grille and Bumper of Automobiles

wd-40 4

WD-40 is miracle spray and it can help in cleaning your CAR or bike efficiently! Spraying it on front bumper and grille of the car can help to remove the most difficult stuff and dirt that has accumulated over time. It is able to remove the stains without damaging the paint your car. Visit Lifehacker to read more!

14. Free Stuck Zippers

In myriads of WD-40 USES, this one is very popular If zippers of your boots or coat or trouser are stuck, you can use the WD-40 to free it. It’s very obvious why it works!

15. Removes Mildew from Refrigerator Gasket

Disgusting mildew and mold can build-up on the refrigerator gasket due to moisture. WD-40 is a very effective product in removing them. Here is an article on how to use it with the steps, plus two other ways to clean the refrigerator gasket!

16. Apply on the Air Conditioner to Filter Dust

You can apply a light coating of the WD-40 spray on the AC before installing to improve the effectiveness of the filter. Also, the use of WD-40 protects the outdoor ACs from rusting. There are many other ways to use this spray, you can check more out at WD-40’s official website here.

17. Clean Glass Surface

wd-40 3

Whether you are looking to remove an old sticker or tapes from glass surfaces such as glass doors and windows, WD-40 can help to loosen the stickers. You just have to spray it on the surface and wait for some minutes before removing the sticker.

18. Clean as well as Lubricate Guitar Strings

The product can also be used to lubricate strings and improve its lifespan as well as its performance. It removes the squeaky noise and makes the sound more smooth!

19. Can be Used to Separate Stuck Glassware

If your glasses are stuck tightly on each other, avoid pulling them apart with a lot of force as they can easily break. You just have to squirt a little WD-40 and wait for some minute to penetrate between the stack glasses before pulling them apart. Note that, the chemicals are potentially dangerous you’ll have to wash the glasses well after separating them.

Caveat: As WD-40 is a petroleum-based product, it is highly flammable and it is also not advised to swallow or inhale it!

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