7 DIY Kitchen Ceiling Ideas For Kitchen Modification

Upgrade the look of your kitchen by simply providing a quick makeover to your ceiling. Check out these DIY kitchen ceiling ideas.

1. Wood Planked Kitchen Ceiling

DIY Kitchen Ceiling Ideas1

Planking the ceiling with pinewood is a clever way to hide traces of shoddy repair work while creating a cozy vibe along with some canned lighting. Here’s the DIY.

2. DIY Plank Board Ceiling In A Beautiful White Kitchen

DIY Kitchen Ceiling Ideas2

Ceiling transformation is probably the most effective part of a kitchen remodel. Get it done with tongue and groove pine planks painted white for a polished look. Here’s the link.

3. Tiles Kitchen Ceiling

Tiles Ceiling

Part-utilitarian and part-vintage, faux tin ceiling tiles make lovely elements to fill up a popcorn ceiling, especially when you team it up with a chandelier and ambient lighting. Get the look here.

4. DIY Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Ceiling

Reclaimed Wood Ceiling Modification

A fence picket ceiling creates a cozy mood in the bedroom, while keeping it insulated in the winters, and is a nice cosmetic update to compliment wooden shelving. Follow this DIY.

5. Plank Popcorn Kitchen Ceiling

DIY Kitchen Ceiling Ideas3

Smoothen out the bumps of an old popcorn ceiling with new pinewood planks. That takes away the hassle of repair and creates a more appealing look. Here’s the DIY.

6. Beautiful Kitchen Ceiling Island DIY

Take inspiration from the royal architecture of ancient kingdoms and update your ceiling with copper/tin ceiling tiles. Adding wooden molding ties up the look further, making it look very refined.

7. DIY Metal Ceiling

Having a ceiling with corrugated steel planks can be quite a good fit for homes that want to or already do incorporate a subtle industrial or modern theme. Start the project with this DIY.

Instead of investing in renovating your whole kitchen, modify your ceiling with these DIY kitchen ceiling ideas and be on a budget!

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