8 Crappie Mount Ideas to Try

Explore this list of Crappie Mount Ideas and amp up the wow factor of your home or living space with nature’s touch.

Create one-of-a-kind masterpieces for your home or office with these spectacular Crappie Mount Ideas and preserve your fishing memories forever!

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Crappie Mount Ideas

1. Black Crappie Replica Mount

Crappie Mount Ideas 1

Experience the allure of the underwater world right on your wall with this captivating display. This unique arrangement displays black crappie on a piece of driftwood, adding a rustic charm to your trophy. But what makes this idea truly remarkable is the night crawler in the crappie’s mouth injecting life into the presentation.

2. Black Crappies Pedestal Mount

Crappie Mount Ideas 2

Discover the perfect way to preserve your fishing memories with a unique black crappie pedestal mount. This exquisite display features two black crappies showcased on a rustic branch with a layer of ice on top. It’s an excellent focal point that will surely complement any kind of home decor.

3. Cool Crappie Wall Mount

Crappie Mount Ideas 3

Introducing the captivating crappie wall mount – a stunning display that brings the charm of the outdoors into your home. This mount showcases multiple crappies suspended gracefully on a rustic wooden plank connected by a metal chain.

4. White Crappie and Black Crappie Table Mount

Crappie Mount Ideas 4

Highlighted by black and white crappies swimming in opposite directions, this table mount looks mesmerizing. It’s adorned with driftwood, faux vegetation accents, and a polished wooden base. This cool display piece looks great on a mantel, ledge, shelf, table, or countertop.

5. Black Crappie Taxidermy Fish Mount

Crappie Mount Ideas 5

Perfect for home, cabin, and office, this black crappie taxidermy mount is a sight to behold. It’s one of the minimalistic yet eye-grabbing best crappie mount ideas on this list.

6. Crappies, Crappies, and Crappies!

Crappies, Crappies, and Crappies!

Add some coastal charm to your home decor by displaying lots of crappies on a rustic wooden branch base. If you’re looking for a unique crappie mount, this idea is the right choice.

7. Crappie Wood Plaque Mount

Crappie Wood Plaque Display

Crafted from high-quality wood, this mount is the best way to showcase your prized crappie in style. Its timeless appeal complements both traditional and modern interiors, making it a perfect conversation starter.

8. Fighting Crappie Mount on Driftwood

Crappie Hunting Display

In this mount, an epic battle between two crappies is shown on a driftwood base. This display specimen is an impressive representation of crappies’ natural habitat.

Crappie Mount Ideas: FAQs

1. What Size Crappie to Mount?

Mounting a crappie is usually a matter of personal preference. It depends on the significance of the catch to you. However, traditionally, anglers consider mounting crappie that is between 11-15 inches in size. Before deciding, consider factors like the rarity of the catch, personal satisfaction, and aesthetics of the mount. Always remember, a trophy fish isn’t only determined by size but by the memory attached to it. Ultimately, if a catch brings you joy, that’s reason enough to mount it, regardless of size.

2. How Much Does it Cost to Get a Crappie Mounted?

Taxidermists often charge by the length of the fish, with a per-inch rate. For fish like crappie, the typical rate starts from $10 per inch. The final price depends on several factors, including the size of the fish, the quality and reputation of the taxidermist, and the complexity of the desired pose or setting.

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