8 Red Fox Mount Ideas

Create a stunning display for your home or office with these attention-grabbing Red Fox Mount Ideas that are sure to impress!

Are you searching for unique and captivating ways to immortalize your prized hunting trophy? Look no further than this collection of mesmerizing Red Fox Mount Ideas! From lifelike displays to artistic wall hangings, these ideas are great for every home decor.

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Red Fox Mount Ideas

1. Red Fox Floor Mount

Red Fox Mount Ideas 1

This taxidermy mount features a full-sized red fox standing on a wooden branch, creating a lifelike representation of the animal. The addition of moss-covered stones, spiky grass, and leaves makes this mount more realistic.

2. Red Fox Wall Mount

Red Fox Mount Ideas 2

Spice up the visual appeal of your living room with this red fox wall mount. In this setup, a red fox is standing on a snow-dusted branch, alert and focused, staring at its prey. The combination of the fox’s vibrant fur, white snow, and wooden branch creates a realistic depiction of a winter woodland scene.

3. Red Fox Half Life-size Wall Hanging Mount

Red Fox Mount Ideas 3

Want a captivating piece of wildlife art for a less-spacious home? This red fox wall hanging mount is for you. In this mounting option, a red fox is seated at the entrance of the den. It’s an interesting display piece for the home, office, or trophy room.

4. Red Fox Head Mount

Red Fox Mount Ideas 4

The red fox head mount is a stunning addition to any hunter and nature enthusiast’s collection. This captivating display showcases the intricate beauty of the fox’s head, mounted on a polished wooden plaque. With its expressive eyes and elegant fur, the mounted head is an excellent wall decor.

5. Red Fox Pedestal Table Mount

Red Fox Mount Ideas 5

Make the hunting experience unforgettable by showcasing your red fox trophy as a pedestal mount. This striking mount is adorned with a broken wagon wheel, plants, a red fox head, and foliage. With intricate detailing and excellent craftsmanship, this pedestal mount is an excellent centerpiece.

6. Faux Red Fox Wall Mount

faux head mount idea

This lightweight wall mount is made up of hand-stitched faux fur fabric. Plus, it has a metal hanger as well. It’s perfect for anyone who likes animals and wants to bring a bit of nature into their home without harming any creatures.

7. Cool Red Fox Soft Mount

CoolSoft Mount

This soft taxidermy mount is a simple yet appealing way to display a red fox. Its lifelike features and plush feel make it a striking addition to any room.

8. Red Fox Shoulder Mount

Fox Shoulder Mount

A red fox peeking from a den is an excellent conversation piece for cabin and cottage homes. This mount’s rustic charm complements a variety of decor styles.

While this article discusses various ideas for red fox mount, it does not endorse or encourage the hunting of red foxes or any other wildlife for decoration purposes.

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