23 Cool DIY Laptop Case & Sleeve Ideas

These DIY Laptop Case Ideas will teach you how to make 23 beautiful DIY laptop sleeves and covers all by yourself!

1. DIY Geometric Laptop Sleeve

Eye-catchy and easy to sew, this lightweight DIY laptop sleeve will never go out of style. The DIY is here.

2. Navajo Print Laptop Pouch

23 DIY Laptop Case Ideas

If you like to carry your work with you, this DIY laptop pouch with its advanced organization capacities is the answer. Get the DIY here.

3. Easy Fabric Laptop Case

If your device could do with some extra cushioning, consider using heavyweight fabric to create your laptop cover as this DIYer did here.

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4. Flap-top Laptop Cover

This snazzy padded laptop pouch entails a basic design that requires little sewing and zero DIY skills to start with. Get complete instructions here.

5. Flannel Laptop Cover

This soft flannel cover is a great choice for keeping your device protected while on the move. And the strap ensures it stays in place. Check out the tutorial here.

6. Quilted Laptop Sleeve

When device safety is always on your mind, make quilted DIY laptop cases as this DIYer did here.

7. DIY Leather Laptop Case

This handmade leather sleeve classes up your work desk and gets done in a snap! Get the instructions here.

8. Laptop Sleeve Out of a Sweater

Extend some cuddly love to your laptop with this sweater sleeve that works great all year, not just winter. Find the tutorial here.

9. Festive Plaid

DIY Laptop Cover Ideas

Try a zip-up closure with a plaid sleeve to combine beauty with a purpose. Get instructions for this DIY laptop cover idea here.

10. Laptop Cozy

DIY Laptop Pouch

This iterative DIY laptop sleeve opens like a flower and can be customized. Find the step by step DIY here.

11. Suitcase Laptop Case

DIY Laptop Cases You Can Make

If your idea of a perfection staycation is propping on the bed with your laptop, we’d recommend this suitcase cover for you here.

12. Free Crochet Pattern–Easy Laptop Sleeves

Crochet laptop sleeve pattern

Hands down, this DIY laptop bag here will be the easiest design you have crocheted ever.

13. Zippered Laptop Sleeve

This fall-themed laptop sleeve heralds holiday cheer and shoos away weekday woes. We found the idea here.

14. Floral Laptop Sleeves

This floral-patterned laptop pouch comes with two closure points for maximum safety. Follow the instructions here.

15. DIY Wool Sportcoat Repurposed Into Laptop Sleeve

This genius DIY shows you how to revamp your old sportcoats into woolen laptop covers that are just as good as the store versions.

16. DIY Felted Laptop Sleeve

Felted laptop sleeves are a fresh respite from covers that weigh down your laptop and make the whole thing unsuitable for daily travel.

17. Vintage Towel to Laptop Sleeve

In case you’re wondering, even frayed old towels can be used to create this laptop sleeve. Just follow the link here.

18. Duck Tape Laptop Sleeve

Make an iPad case using duct tape, follow the DIY here.

19. Book Into a Laptop Case

DIY laptop case ideas

This one-of-a-kind DIY laptop case idea blends easily with your college books, and are sure to attract compliments from fellow students. Click here for more details.

20. Leather Laptop Sleeve

DIY laptop sleeves

A sleek covering for your laptop that is perfect for formal settings. Find the DIY here.

21. Fabric Lined Cover

If one fabric isn’t sufficient, sew multiple ones together to create a color-blocking or color-contrasting effect, whichever one you like. Learn more at amyalamode.

22. DIY Wool and Lace iPad Sleeve

These DIY Laptop Case Ideas will teach you how to make 23 beautiful DIY laptop sleeves and covers all by yourself!

Sometimes asymmetry can be used to create the illusion of space and character, like this DIYer did with their laptop sleeve here.

23. Manly Laptop Sleeve

diy laptop sleeve ideas

At the risk of sounding sexist, let’s just say that this DIY laptop sleeve is a subtle way of celebrating your male ego. Follow the instructions here.

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