19 Clever Marker Storage Ideas

Organize like a pro! Find the best Marker Storage Ideas offering versatile solutions for artists, hobbyists, and professionals below!

Markers are fantastic for coloring, drawing, and even professional design work, but they can quickly clutter your desk or art station. Discover the top Marker Storage Ideas to declutter your space.

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Marker Storage Ideas

1. Mason Jar Holders

Marker Storage Ideas 1

Mason jars are a simple and elegant way to store markers. Place them on a desk or shelf for easy access. The transparent nature of mason jars allows for quick color selection, and their versatile design complements modern and rustic decors.

2. Over the Door Marker Storage

Marker Storage Ideas 2

Turn an over-the-door shoe organizer into a marker storage station. This transparent storage solution lets you spot the marker quickly, making it practical for home and office settings. An added benefit is that these organizers are excellent for maximizing space in smaller rooms.

3. Ice Cube Trays Marker Organization

Marker Storage Ideas 3

Use ice cube trays to sort markers by color or type. This low-cost option can fit inside drawers or stack on shelves, making it a space-saving solution that’s also easy to implement. The individual compartments are perfect for storing different types of markers separately. Their stackable nature allows for optimal use of vertical storage space.

4. Wine Rack & Cups

Marker Storage Ideas 4

A wine rack fitted with plastic cups is an aesthetic yet functional marker holder. Arrange markers by color in each cup for an organized and visually pleasing setup. This storage system adds a sophisticated touch to the craft room.

5. Ziploc Bags

Marker Storage Ideas 5

Group markers by color or type and place them in Ziploc bags. This is a cost-effective method that also makes it easy to carry markers between home and office. Label each bag for added organization.

6. Tackle Boxes

Marker Storage Ideas 6

Fishing tackle boxes with small compartments are perfect for sorting markers. These boxes are especially useful for various types and sizes of markers. The small compartments can also store other art supplies like erasers or paper clips.

7. Pegboards Markers Storage Station

Marker Storage Ideas 7

To recreate this marker storage station, install a pegboard on a wall and add plastic cups with zip ties. This customizable solution is functional and decorative, adding a creative touch to the space.

8. Hanging Buckets

Marker Storage Ideas 8

Suspend small buckets from a rod on an empty wall. Drop markers into these buckets for a charming, rustic storage method. These hanging buckets can be easily removed and rearranged, offering a modifiable storage solution.

9. Cereal Box DIY Marker Storage Idea

DIY Cereal Box Marker Storage

Learn how to craft a marker organizer with cereal boxes, scrapbook papers, and cardstock in this detailed video tutorial. It’s an excellent craft project for kids between these marker storage ideas.

10. Over-the-Door Rack

Over-the-Door Rack

An over-the-door rack with small containers can corral multiple markers. This storage method is excellent for less spacious residences. The small containers can also double as temporary holders while working on projects, making your art supplies readily accessible.

11. $10 PVC Pipe Alcohol Marker Storage

$10 PVC Pipe Marker Storage

Cut small lengths of PVC pipe and glue them together in a honeycomb pattern. This can be wall-mounted or placed on a desk for a modern, industrial look. Hop to this article for more info.

12. DIY Cardboard Box Markers Organizer

DIY Cardboard Box Markers Organizer

Create a cheap marker organizer with an old cardboard box, patience, and creative flair. This budget-friendly method allows for personalized design options. Hop to this step-by-step tutorial for the list of supplies and instructions.

13. Try Fabric Pouches

Fabric Pouches

Sew small fabric pouches to hold markers and hang them on hooks or a pegboard. This adds a soft, decorative touch while serving a practical purpose. You can choose the fabric that matches your room decor for added charm.

14. Rolling Cart

Rolling Cart

A small rolling cart with multiple tiers can hold all your markers in one place. This is an ideal solution if you frequently move around in your home or office. Its mobility lets you bring all your supplies, streamlining your workflow.

15. Tin Cans Markers Organizer

Tin Cans Markers Organizer

Clean out old soup or vegetable cans and use them to organize your markers collection. Go one step ahead and paint the cans’ exterior with a vibrant hue to enhance your workspace aesthetics.

16. Plastic Boxes

Plastic Boxes

Use transparent plastic boxes to keep markers in place. It’s a cheap and simple way to organize pens among this list of marker storage ideas.

17. Wall-Mounted Wire Storage Rack

Wall-Mounted Wire Storage Rack

A wall-mounted wire storage rack is a sleek and modern way to organize the markers. This type of rack easily integrates with existing decor. It’s particularly effective in minimalistic or industrial-styled rooms. Moreover, its wall-mounted feature frees up valuable desk or shelf space, optimizing your work environment.

18. Wooden Marker Pen Storage Idea

Wooden Marker Storage Solution

Opt for a small wooden storage box with various compartments to keep your markers well-organized and easily accessible. Wood offers a timeless, classy look that can seamlessly blend into various interior settings

19. Mini Pringles Cans Marker Holder

Mini Pringles Cans Marker Holder

Instead of discarding empty mini Pringles cans, reuse them to corral markers. Their lids ensure your markers stay clean and dust-free. Plus, you can decorate the outside to match your style.

Note – All these storage ideas are great for alcohol, copic, and crayon markers.

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