7 Creative Spoon Jewelry Ideas

Transform ordinary spoons into beautiful rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more using these creative Spoon Jewelry Ideas!

Give a new lease of life to your old silverware using these amazing Spoon Jewelry Ideas. Whether you want vintage flair or a contemporary chic look, spoon ornaments have endless possibilities. You just need a little imagination and some basic tools to create some attractive ornaments.

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Spoon Jewelry Ideas

1. DIY Spoon RingSpoon Jewelry Ideas 1

Show off your creativity and jewelry-making skills by making an attractive ring from spoons. Hop to this tutorial for the list of supplies and instructions.

2. Trinket Spoon Resin Necklace

Grab trinkets, glue, chains, spoons, resin, mixing cups, sticks, a torch, and a hammer to recreate this eye-grabbing necklace. This ornament goes quite well with every outfit. Read the details here.

3. DIY Spoon Bracelet

DIY Spoon Bracelet

Check out this video tutorial to make a chic bracelet with a spoon and a few tools. This affordable yet chic homemade jewelry makes every outfit stand out.

4. Handmade Spoon Earrings

Spice up your overall look by wearing these lovely earrings. It’s made up of spoons, headpins, ear wires, beads, and some tools. Check out the complete DIY here.

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5. Stamped Spoon NecklaceSpoon Jewelry Ideas 5

Instead of discarding the broken spoon in the trash can, transform it into an eye-catching necklace using this article. This jewelry also features hand-stamped words ‘Be Brave.’

6. Spoon Bracelet

Want to give your special someone a meaningful handmade gift this Christmas? A spoon bracelet is the perfect option. Read this article to learn more about this project.

7. DIY Spoon Claw RingSpoon Jewelry Ideas 7

Learn how to turn a spoon into a visually appealing claw ring using this step-by-step tutorial. Among the various spoon jewelry ideas, this ornament stands out.

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