5 Star Anise Benefits for Skin You Should Check Out

Star Anise, known for its spicy flavor, has a multitude of advantages for your health as well as the skin. Know the star anise benefits for skin below!

What Is Star Anise?

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Star anise is local to northeast Vietnam and southwest China. This tropical perennial tree’s fruit has eight carpels that give star anise, its star-like shape. The vernacular names of star anise are:

  • Star Anise Seed
  • Chinese Star Anise
  • Badian
  • Badiane de Chine
  • Ba Jiao Hui
  • Eight-Horned Anise
  • Anis de Chine
  • Anís Estrellado
  • Anis Étoilé
  • Anis Étoilé Chinois
  • Aniseed Stars
  • Anisi Stellati Fructus
  • Badiane
  • Bajiao
  • Chinese Anise
  • Chinese Star Anise
  • Illicium Verum
  • Eight Horns

Chinese star anise is used in culinary, baked goods, confectioneries, and liquors. Furthermore, its oil is included as an active ingredient in skin creams, toothpaste, cooking, soaps, mouthwashes, and perfumes.

Star Anise Nutritional Value

Eight Horns has antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial characteristics, making it a significant spice not only in dishes but also in different therapeutic practices.

One ounce of star anise spice powder contains

  • Calories 94
  • Carbohydrate 13 g
  • Fat 4 g
  • Cholesterol 0 g
  • Protein 5 g
  • Potassium 404 mg
  • Vitamin C 1 %
  • Iron 53 %

{The above percentages are based on a diet of 2000 calories a day.}

Star Anise Benefits for Skin

Here are some benefits of star anise for skin, that’s going to be an eye-opener for you!

1. Reduces Wrinkles

Reduces Wrinkles

The dried star anise fruit is a natural skin toner and a detoxifying agent that reduces the appearance of wrinkles in no time. So, ditch your anti-wrinkle products, by making the badian face pack and serum at your home without any harmful additives.

2. Relieves Skin Inflammation

The extracts of star anise fruit have anti-inflammatory properties that give you relief from skin inflammation. Furthermore, it is used as a traditional medicine for the prevention of bronchitis, rheumatism, and asthma.

3. Hydrates Dry Skin

Star Anise Benefits for Skin2

Star anise is a natural skin moisturizer that hydrates and restores your skin’s youthful look by eliminating the harmful toxins from the body, thanks to its antioxidant properties. Furthermore, it gives you smooth and toned skin as well.

4. Possess Anti-Microbial Properties

Star anise has anti-microbial components that prevent the development of bacteria, fungi, and yeast strains on the skin, as it’s rich in ‘Anethole.’ Use its essential oil to eliminate them.

5. Prevent Wound Infection

Prevent Wound Infection

According to this research, the ethereal oil of star anise works as a disinfectant by inducing antibacterial activity towards Acinetobacter baumannii, responsible for the wound infection.

How to Use Star Anise for Skin?

To give your skin a new lease of life, you can use badian dried fruit in many homemade remedies like skin tightening toner, face pack, anti-aging serum, facial moisturizer, and tea. Below you’ll find some recipes that give your skin a new life in a short period of time!

Star Anise Tea Recipe

Star Anise Benefits for Skin3


  • Two Green Tea Bags
  • One Cinnamon Stick (Crushed Into Pieces)
  • Three Whole Star Anise
  • Two Cups of Boiling Water
  • A Teapot
  • One Tea Strainer
  • A Cup


  1. Add two cups of boiling water and crushed cinnamon stick along with three whole star anise and two green tea bags into a teapot. Leave the mixture for 3-4 minutes to infuse them properly.
  2. Once it’s done, mix the resultant liquid well and strain it with the help of a strainer into a cup. Drink it regularly to utilize its benefits.

Star Anise Anti-Aging Serum

Star Anise Anti-Aging Serum


  • Four Tablespoons of Jojoba Oil
  • Four Teaspoons of Vitamin E
  • Three Tablespoons of Rosehip Seed Essential Oil
  • Five Whole Star Anise Pods
  • Four Drops of Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Four Drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • A 4 Oz Dropper Bottle
  • A Cooking Pot
  • One Bowl
  • One Strainer
  • A Small Funnel


  1. Add four tablespoons of jojoba oil, four teaspoons of Vitamin E, three tablespoons of rosehip seed essential oil, four drops of each frankincense and lavender essential oil into a bowl and put them into a pot filled with hot water. Leave them for 2-3 hours to infuse the star anise.
  2. Now strain the liquid using a strainer and pour them into the dropper bottle with the help of a small funnel.
  3. Take some drops of this serum and massage it gently all over the desired area, after washing the skin properly.

The above star anise benefits for skin are definitely going to allure you to add this healthy and miracle spice in your daily diet! Besides this, you can also try the beetroot juice to get a naturally glowing skin.

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  1. Could Anise essential oil be substituted for the the star anise pods? If so, how much? And would the mixture still have to be heated?

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