How to Use Tea Bags to Get Rid of Mice | Peppermint Tea Bags for Mice

Most people know tea as a beverage! But did you know, you could use tea bags to get rid of mice? Read on to find out how!

At the end of the summer, rats find new places to keep them warm. If you keep your house warm and toasty, chances are, there could be little critters and rodents trying to get in. You could either spend tonnes of money on chemicals to kill off the intruders, but here’s a clever way to keep them out. Tea bags!

Brew a large pot of peppermint tea and save those tea bags for this hack. Put these tea bags in places where rats can enter your house. Within a day or two, your home will be rodent-free!

How to Use Peppermint Tea Bags to Get Rid of Mice

Step 1: Collect Tea Bags

Brew tea so that you have enough bags to put them all around the house. A gathering or a party is the ideal time to stock up on extra tea bags. Or you can ask your neighbors for help.

Step 2: Place the Bags Around your House

Put the used tea bags in corners of your house where there might be rat infestations and rat holes. Don’t congest the openings as that’s where the rats will crawl out of.

Step 3: Place the Used Teabags in Other Openings

Place the tea bags in other places and openings (both indoors and outdoors) where rats might enter the house. This prevents more rats from entering the place.

Step 4: Wait a Few Days

The strong smell of peppermint is intolerable to rodents and spiders alike. It’s a great way to reuse the tag bags and get rid of those pesky pests naturally and easily.

This is a surefire way to succeed in keeping the pests away from your house and also, you never have to deal with cleaning a dead rat from your floors!

Whenever rats start being a problem again, just brew a couple more pots of your favorite peppermint tea!

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