8 Awesome Well House Ideas

Check out this list of Well House Ideas to turn your dull outdoor space into a stunning garden feature. Start exploring today!

No matter the size or style of your garden, these Well House Ideas can make your outdoor space stand out. Browse this article for more info.

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Well House Ideas

1. Basic Wooden Well House

Well House Ideas 1

A compact wooden structure equipped with a pitched metal roof, window, wind wane, and a door makes an excellent well house. This simple design is cost-effective and easy to complete in a weekend.

2. Brick Well House


Are you looking for a durable and low-maintenance well house? This brick-well house is a great option. This structure not only enhances the landscape with its timeless appeal but also provides protection to the well.

3. Lean-to Style Well House

Well House Ideas 3

Take inspiration from this video tutorial to build a lean-to-style well house using wood, cutting tools, a few hardware, and woodworking skills.

4. Pallet Wood Well House

Rather than discarding old wooden pallets, transform them into a cost-effective and eco-friendly well house. You can paint the well house with the desired color for a finished look.

5. Dog House-Inspired Well House

Well House Ideas 5

If you want a small yet unique well house for your outdoor space, this dog house-themed one is for you. It features a western red cedar body and galvanized metal roofing.

6. Custom Well House

Custom Well House

This custom well house is adorned with poplar bark shingles, a steam metal roof, and a deer antler on the chestnut door. Mount a small LED lantern on the wall for added functionality and appeal.

7. Wood and Metal Well House

Well House Ideas 7

Learn how to build a simple, well house with wooden posts and galvanized metal roofing sheets in this video tutorial. It’s an excellent cost-effective option among these well-house ideas.

8. Barn Style Mini Well House

A classic barn-style well house is what you need to bring a quaint, country feel to your property. It’s simple to construct with a few supplies and basic woodworking skills.

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