7 Awesome Lego Star Wars Display Ideas

Revamp the look and feel of your dull living space with these best Lego Star Wars Display Ideas! Read on to create displays that stand out!

Are you looking for ways to make your Lego Star Wars collection stand out? This article offers a range of creative Lego Star Wars Display Ideas to help you out.

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Lego Star Wars Display Ideas

1. Floating Shelves Lego Star Wars Display

Lego Star Wars Display 1

Do you have floating shelves in the living or bedroom? Then you need nothing else to showcase your Lego Star Wars collectibles. This arrangement is super simple, affordable, and easy to implement.

2. Glass Front Cabinet Display for Lego Star Wars

Instead of storing silverware, glassware, and books, use glass-front cabinets to show off your LEGO sets. This setup protects the toys from dust and keeps them in pristine condition.

3. DIY Tie Fighter Floating Shelves

Lego Star Wars Display 3

These Tie Fighter floating shelves are the perfect addition to any Star Wars lover’s room. Learn how to build the shelves in this well-detailed tutorial.

4. Bookshelf Turned Lego Display

If DIYing is not your cup of tea, use an old bookshelf to show off your treasured Star Wars Lego collectibles. This setup is great for showcasing large starships and tiny soldiers.

5. Legos Shadow Box

Lego Star Wars Display 5

For smaller sets or minifigures, a wooden shadow box is a creative display option. Besides enhancing the look of your tiny toys, this box protects them from dust and other elements.

6. Window Sill Arrangement


Rather than looking for a bookshelf or a shadow box, make the most of your window sill space to showcase LEGO sets. It’s a super affordable option in this list of LEGO Star Wars display ideas.

7. Glass Coffee Table

Lego Star Wars Display 7

Turn your glass coffee table into an eye-grabbing centerpiece by adorning it with your favorite sets and mini figures of the Lego collection.

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