11 Benefits of Eating Basil (Tulsi) Leaves On Empty Stomach

Holy Basil (tulsi) is a rich antioxidant and is a sacred plant in many Indian homes, but do you know about the benefits of eating basil leaves on an empty stomach?

Tulsi is a shrub, densely branched, which is widely grown in India for its auspicious religious significance and numerous medicinal benefits. It can be used in several ways – made into a tea, juice, or dried and crushed to be used as a spice. Here are the health benefits of eating basil leaves on an empty stomach as the first thing in the morning!

Benefits of Eating Basil Leaves On Empty Stomach

1. Aids Stomach Problems

Benefits of Eating Basil Leaves On Empty Stomach1

Basil leaves keep the pH balance in check and regulate the acidity in your body. While it adds a great taste to any food, it is known to cure constipation, intestinal gas, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and spasms.

2. Reduces Mental Stress

Tulsi leaves are rich with adaptogens, which help in reducing stress levels. When taken on an empty stomach, it helps relax your nervous system and improve the blood flow. To see considerable results try this remedy by eating at least five basil leaves on an empty stomach every couple of days.

3. Basil Leaves for Belly Fat Loss

Having five leaves per day will boost your metabolism and help you to burn your belly fat faster. Boil a few basil leaves in a pan and strain it in a cup to make the tea. Consume it every morning before breakfast for a considerable time to see the results. You can add honey to it to enhance the taste. Basil aids in digestion and, thus, also helps in reducing unwanted toxins from your body.

4. Fights Common Cold

Benefits of Eating Basil Leaves On Empty Stomach2

Packed with anti-microbial properties, consuming basil leaves in the morning on an empty stomach can help relieve symptoms of the common cold. Even you can make it’s tea combined with some cardamoms and cloves and consume it daily until you feel better.

4. Basil Leaves for Skin Health

Though you can get the benefits of basil on your skin if you drink its water or chew the leaves, you can also apply a crushed paste topically as a face mask to rejuvenate your skin. This helps in removing skin toxins and prevents pimples or acne from appearing.

6. Immune System Modulator

Viruses and Bacteria might harm your body’s natural resistance and lead to diseases. Basil has anti-bacterial properties and is rich in antioxidants that boost the formation of healthy immune cells like T cytokines, NK cells, and T lymphocytes. These agents protect the body from outside infection.

7. Reduces Risk of Diabetes

Basil leaves possess healthy essential oils like Eugenol, Caryophyllene, and Methyl Eugenol, which promote healthy pancreatic functioning that stores and releases insulin. This increased insulin sensitivity results in lower blood sugar levels.

8. Protects Your Heart

Eugenol present in holy basil keeps your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check. Eating the leaves on an empty stomach protects your heart against ailments and diseases.

9. Cancer Prevention

Anti-carcinogenic in nature and rich in antioxidants, these leaves help in stopping the development of specific cancer types like oral cancer and breast cancer. Basil leaves are natural vaso-restrictors, which means cancer-causing cells get limited blood flow from the vessels that deliver blood to those tumors.

10. Reduces Risk of Kidney Stones

Tulsi For Kidney Stones

Eating basil leaves early in the morning can also remove kidney stones via the urinary tract naturally. They also prevent the formation of calcium oxalate in the kidneys, thereby reducing the risk of Kidney Stones from happening.

11. Saves Lung from Disorders

Rich in camphene, cineole, and vitamin C, tulsi leaves help cure infections in the lungs and reduce lung congestion. It also undoes the damage caused by smoking or tuberculosis. Although eugenol in tulsi is often known to trigger lung disorder is taken in excess.

Ways to Eat Basil Leaves With an Empty Stomach

1. In the form of Tea

Tulsi Tea

All you need is two cups of water and a handful of basil leaves. Optionally, you could also add a teaspoon of honey to the brew.


  1. Take a medium-sized pot
  2. Add two cups of water into the pot
  3. Put the pot on heat
  4. Let the water boil
  5. Put the heat to low (some prefer off) and add the basil leaves
  6. Let the leaves absorb into the water for about 20 minutes
  7. Add a dash of honey (optional)
  8. Serve the tea

2. Eating Basil Leaves Early in the Morning

Benefits of Eating Basil Leaves On Empty Stomach4

Chewing basil leaves early on in the morning has extensive and varied health benefits, as listed above. Repeat the following instructions every day for a month to see the benefits for yourself!


  1. Wash about three to four leaves to remove any dirt
  2. Chew the leaves one at a time
  3. Drink a glass of water
  4. Do not consume anything for 30 minutes

How Many Basil Leaves Per Day?

A good target to hit is a couple of basil leaves per day, or up to 5 every couple of days. Chewing on the leaves is known to cause a tanning effect on the teeth, so you might want to prepare a tea brew with a couple of tulsi leaves thrown in. However, you should avoid basil leaves in these conditions:

  • A pregnant woman should avoid eating basil
  • If you have diabetes and is taking medicine for the same as basil can further lower the blood sugar level
  • If you’re taking blood-thinning medication
  • May cause damage to the liver

We hope this article has educated you on the numerous benefits of eating basil leaves on an empty stomach. We suggest you do not take Basil in excess as it may cause certain side-effects and keep a constant check on your health for any changes. If you happen to consume basil for the first time and notice any significant changes in your body, contact your doctor.

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