28 Surprising Natural Ways to Cure Constipation!

Want to cure constipation? Here’re 28 Natural ways you can try. Must see!

1. Drink Water

water for constipation

Drinking a lot of water helps the digestive tract to process food nutrients as well as move waste materials along smoothly. Check this informative article to learn more.

2. Prune and Prune Juice for Constipation: Does it work?

2. Prune and Prune Juice for Constipation

Prune and prune juice are a natural cure for constipation in both adults and infants. Prunes are very high in fiber, and it prevents hemorrhoids that come with constipation. See more at Healthline.

3. Coffee to Relieve Constipation

coffee relieve constipation

One of the symptoms associated with constipation is the stool that is difficult to pass as well as hard and dry. According to a study published by European Journal of Gastroentelogy and Hepatology (January 2005), coffee has a softening effect on the stool of those suffering from constipation.

4. Treating Constipation with Olive oil


Olive oil is commonly used because of its health benefits, which include constipation treatment. It makes the inside of the bowel smoother, enabling the stool to pass with ease. Here are the ten ways to use it for constipation.

5. Yogurt for Constipation

5. Yogurt for constipation

Any person looking for natural relief from constipation should take yogurt into consideration. However, not all types of yogurt will treat constipation; eat the one made with bacteria-friendly cultures.

6. Use Kefir for Constipation Relief

6. How to use Kefir for constipation relief 2

Make your own milk kefir at home and address chronic constipation. All you need is Mason jars, grains, coffee filters, organic whole milk and rubber bands.

7. Beans: Remedy for Irritable Bowel Movement

7. Beans Remedy for irritable bowel movement

Like prunes, beans are very rich in fiber. Not only does the fiber keep the stool soft but it also possesses nutrients crucial for body tissues repair and growth.

8. Brown Rice for Constipation

brown rice good for constipation

Daily dietary fiber intake for a man should be 38 grams while an adult female should consume 25 grams. Brown rice is a fibrous whole grain you should try for constipation.

9. Take Magnesium Rich Foods


Magnesium is gentle laxative that relaxes the wall of the colon through peristaltic action hence preventing constipation. Also, magnesium attracts water and brings more water to the colon. It also absorbs water from fecal matter if your body is dehydrated. Try these 5 magnesium rich foods.

10. Warm Water and Baking Soda

10. Warm water and baking soda2

Warm water and baking soda mixture is an effective DIY solution for various beauty and health issues, and also for constipation. Here are some recipes to try.

11. Exercise for Instant Constipation Relief

11. Exercise for Instant Constipation relief

Exercise prevents constipation by reducing the time food takes to moves along the colon, consequently regulating the amount of water absorbed from the stool. Engage in rigorous exercise one hour after taking your meal.

12. Aloe Vera for Constipation Relief

12. Aloe Vera for Constipation Relief

People suffering from chronic constipation should consider consuming herbs such as Aloe Vera rather than treating the signs and symptoms. You can take it as a juice or smoothie. Here’s more.

13. Sesame Seeds

13. Sesame seeds

Like all natural laxative remedies and foods, sesame seeds contain fiber, essential minerals, and vitamins which work well for constipation. Add the seeds to salads and cereals, sprinkle the seeds on your food or crush them in a coffee crusher.

14. Blackstrap Molasses

14. Blackstrap molasses 2

Blackstrap molasses is a concentrated byproduct from sugar cane, so it is very rich in vitamins, minerals, and magnesium that help relieve constipation. Take one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses before going to bed regularly to cure constipation.

15. Mint or Ginger Tea

15. Mint or ginger tea 2

Certain ingredients such as senna and herbs cascara found in herbal teas have natural laxative characteristics. However, you need to limit the amount of herbal tea you take as well as the frequency.

16. Lemon Water; a Quick and Easy Constipation Remedy

16. Lemon water

Start your morning with warm lemon water. Do this for a few weeks or on a regular basis and prevent constipation.

17. Can raisins relieve constipation?

raisins relieve constipation

Raisins are natural laxatives that not only help reduce constipation issues but also maintains a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria in the intestines. Remember to take a handful daily after your meals. Here are 13 effective methods to use raisins to cure constipation.

18. Fix constipation naturally using castor oil

18. Fix constipation naturally using castor oil

Castor oil works great for constipation as it is natural laxative that increases intestinal movements thus allowing stool pass smoothly. However, castor oil should be avoided if you are taking drugs like bone medicine, antibiotics, heart medication and blood thinners.

19. Bananas and rhubarb

19. Bananas and rhubarb

Health conscious persons prefer a natural approach to treating constipation and irregular bowel troubles. Both banana and rhubarb are great home remedies for constipation that are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and vital minerals.

20. Fruits such as plums, apricots, grapes, pears, apples, and figs

Fruit Grapes Pear Apricots Fruits Apple Plums

These fruits are popularly known as standard colon cleansers and effective natural constipation remedies. Everyone, including kids, adults, senior citizens, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers should eat these fruits and get optimal benefits in stopping constipation without any side effects.

21. Flax seeds

21. Flax seeds

Flax seeds are rich source omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, dietary fiber, iron, and calcium. Ensure you take 2 – 3 tablespoons accompanied by a balanced diet to cure constipation.

22. Is Apple cider vinegar the solution for constipation?

22. Is Apple cider vinegar the solution to constipation

Apple cider vinegar is natural laxative made from fermented apple juice. It has pectin, which is a water-soluble fiber that improves digestion. Here’s more you can read on it.

23. Cod liver oil/fish oil


Cod liver oil is good for constipation as it acts as a lubricant laxative that prevents water reabsorption from the gastrointestinal system. It also provides Omega 3 fatty acids that are crucial for heart, joint, brain, and digestion functions.

24. Barley grass

24. The relationship between barley grass and constipation explained

Barley grass is full of fibers and prevents bloating and excessive gas. It has been used to provide numerous health benefits including constipation for years. See more here.

25. Fenugreek: the Digestive Aid that Fights Constipation

25. Fenugreek the Digestive Aid that Fights Constipation

Use fenugreek to ease your digestion if you are constipated or having regular bowel movement problems. Fenugreek is a very safe and effective alternative to try.

26. Slippery elm for constipation

26. Slippery elm; the king herb for constipation

Slippery elm is medicinal tree native to Canada and North America. This constipation remedy can be taken orally or as tea.

27. Beat constipation using dandelion

Beat constipation using dandelion

For many years, dandelion has been used relieve constipation, lose weight, detoxify, and soothe stomach upsets. Dandelion is an effective natural laxative that can be taken as a tea or added to salads.

28. Eat Mangoes and Papayas


Mangoes and papayas are known for easing the stomach. They are rich in fiber, eating them will immediately help you in bowel movement.

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