16 DIY Family Tree Photo Ideas | DIY Family Tree Art

DIY Family tree photo ideas to keep a record of your ancestors while decorating a dull place in your house. All these family tree ideas are simple and easy to DIY.

1. Chalkboard Family Tree Photos

Chalkboard DIY Family Tree Photos

With chalkboard as the canvas, you have the freedom of adding beautiful and nostalgic illustrations alongside your photographs to create the cutest and most heartfelt family tree ever. Here’s the DIY.

2. Vinyl Family Tree With The Silhouette

Silhouette tree with photos

With some help from your Cricut machine, you can create an artsy looking vinyl family tree that is a refreshing change from the flimsy ones available at sky-high prices. Here’s the DIY.

3. Hand Print Photo Family Tree

Hand Print Tree

Sometimes, a family tree doesn’t need to look like a tree. Using a different motif like a handprint or umbrella adds a subtle meaning and a somewhat non-traditional look, while still allowing you to honor memories. Here’s the DIY.

4. Giant Family Tree Photo

Giant DIY Family Tree Photo

When it comes to family trees, the bigger they are, the better. This DIY shows you how to incorporate generations of memories in a single wall display. Using golden photo frames throughout keeps the look regal.

5. DIY Family Tree Photo Wreath

We have heard of floral wreaths and pom-pom wreaths, but this family photo wreath is quite a stunner, don’t you think! Also, it’s a lovely way to flaunt your creativity to people passing by your front door.

6. Cardboard Family Photo Tree Wall Hanging

Here, a small cardboard tree cutout gets a glamorous makeover with the help of glitter. Further, cardboard-framed 4×4 photos help to tie up the look, making it meaningful and attractive.

7. Simple Family Tree With Photo

Felt paper cutouts make for a beautiful backdrop to go with cute decoupage family photos, creating an adorable piece of art that looks great on the walls and even fits on the bedside table.

8. Amazing DIY Family Photo Tree

If you happen to be good with your paintbrush, this DIY is for you. Paint a giant-sized tree trunk on the wall and paste your family photos. This idea is perfect for filling up the corner walls with photos.

9. Make A Family Tree Wall Decal with Pictures

Spice up a tree-shaped wall decal by using family photos as flowers to create a gorgeous backdrop that honors your family.

10. 3D Family Tree Photo

More like a family plant rather than a DIY family tree, this attractive potted display hosts a mixture of textures, ranging from the green leaves to the decoupage photos that mimic the flowers.

11. Family Tree Picture! Mother’s Day Gift

Painting a tree and adding pictures to the branches is the more natural way out. The results are stunning, nonetheless, making it a real tear-jerking gift for Mother’s Day.

12. Driftwood Family Tree

Driftwood DIY Family Tree

Cozy up an ordinary branch of driftwood with precious family photos chaotically hung from twine. Here’s the DIY.

13. Family Tree Shadow Box

Photo Tree In Shadow Box

For a vintage touch with contemporary accents, try creating a DIY family tree shadow box whose 3-D effect is sure to act as a tear-jerker. Here’s the DIY.

14. DIY Embroidery Hoop Wedding Photo Family Tree

DIY Embroidery Hoop Tree For Outdoor

Floral motifs combined with embroidery hoops form the perfect display for pulling off a last-minute wedding decor. Follow this DIY.

15. Custom 3D DIY Family Tree

Custom 3D tree for photos

This 3-D family tree with branches in a vase is easy to update as it uses photographs for flowers. Symbolic, with an artistic touch, it makes for a unique and heartfelt present for Mother’s Day. Follow this DIY.

16. Personal DIY Family Tree Decor

Personal Tree Decor

The plethora of textures and colors in this family photo decal is sure to make it the focal center of your living room. Get the details here.

 With these DIY family tree ideas, you can decorate any wall or any space with minimum supplies, or even you can recycle some. We’re open for more ideas of a DIY family tree if you’d like to share any!

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