18 DIY Cat Tent Ideas Your Furry Friend will Love

DIY cat tent ideas on a budget to give your feline friend a new home. Recycle an old shirt or buy a fabric, these ideas can be done both ways!

1. DIY Teepee Cat Tent

DIY Cat Tent1

This DIY is proof that it’s the little things that make your handcrafted projects beautiful- like painting the tips of the tent and using contrasting colors of fabric to create a dual-toned effect.

2. Cardboard Box Cat Tent

DIY Cat Tent2

With an old cardboard box and an old-shirt, you can craft out this chic tucked-away spot for shy kitties that prefer staying away from fireworks and fellow humans. Get details in this DIY.

3. DIY Flower Fabric Tent

DIY Cat Tent3

Making a cat house from scratch isn’t as intimidating as you’d think. All you need is a piece of cardboard, a canvas with your favorite pattern, and some sponge/cotton. This pictorial guide will give you an idea.

4. Match Burlap With Wood Tent

DIY Cat Tent4

Probably the best gift for the cat that likes to hid within blanket forts, this cute DIY tepee made from tying burlap cloth around wooden dowels is a great way to create a rustic focal point in the room.

5. Wire Hangers Cat Tent

DIY Cat Tent5

If your kitty is quickly bored with the stuff that you make for her, this low-cost, five-minute DIY cat tent is something you’d like.

6. Old T-shirt Tent

DIY Cat Tent6

With a design that is easy to scale up for bigger pets, this versatile cat tent uses supplies already lying in your home and makes a cozy nook that your kitty would hate to leave. Here’s the DIY.

7. Blue T-Shirt Tent

DIY Cat Tent7

Using an old t-shirt as the roof and body of your DIY cat tent means your kitty is never too far from your smell. Attaching braided toys on the sides makes it even more inviting. Get the details here.

8. No-Sew Tent

You don’t need to have seamstress skills to impress your kitties. With this DIY, all you need is a couple of hangers, attractive fabric, and plush cushion bedding to make a comfy seat for your kitty.

9. Simple DIY Tent

Creating a safe little hideaway for the kittens is easy and can be done using supplies in your closet, like a spare t-shirt and hangers. Get more details in this DIY.

10. Easy DIY Tent

If your cat tends to knock over his tent with all his enthusiasm, it’s time you bring extra sturdiness to your basic t-shirt model with a cardboard platform as the base and masking tape. This DIY has the details.

11. DIY Wooden Stick Cat Tent

Using just two supplies- wooden dowels and a soft fleece towel, this DIYer constructed a tent in the shape of a tepee to create a more confined and climate-controlled space for her kitty’s napping needs.

12. Beautiful Cat Tent

DIY Cat Tent12

Give your adorable kitty a nice little place for her afternoon naps with this cozy little cat tepee that can be made within minutes using wooden poles, colorful scraps of fabric and twine. Get more details in this DIY.

13. Sewing Pattern Tent And Bed

DIY Cat Tent13

The results are bound to stunning when you have personalized material to start with; add that to a kitty-themed silhouette for a lovely nook that your ball of fur will love curling up in. Here’s the DIY.

14. Indoor Tent

DIY Cat Tent14

Constructed by holding a medium-sized t-shirt from wooden hangers, this fun little feline tent is unbelievably frugal and washable to boot! Make one with these instructions.

15. Adorable Tent

DIY Cat Tent15

For a more durable version of the above idea, take a look at this DIY.

16. DIY Play Tent

DIY Cat Tent16

For a roomy enough tent that offers plenty of space for your furry friend to wiggle about and stretch in-between naps, consider this thatched tent design. Here’s the DIY.

17. DIY Cat Hideaway Tent

DIY Cat Tent17

Claim back your bed from your fur baby with this DIY miniature tent that offers a cozy little tucked-away loft away from the hustle-bustle of human life.

18. Foam Cat Tepee

DIY Cat Tent18

Save up the polyurethane foam from your next electronic gadget purchase and use it to create an ultra-warm and cozy hideaway that will keep your pesky little feline from your furniture. Here’s the DIY.

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