23 DIY Dog Bow Tie For A Party Makeover

Dressup your little pub for an evening party with these DIY dog bow tie ideas. You can try different sizes and patterns to personalize the bows!

1. Doggone Cute Bow Tie

DIY Dog Bow Tie1

Made from lightweight quilt cotton, this DIY bow tie is sure to appeal to your dog’s sense of style and make playtimes even more fun.

2. No-Sew Dog Bow Tie Collar Slide

No-Sew Dog Bow Tie Collar Slide

This no-sew bow tie is super easy to create and you can make one for each day of the week in a single afternoon. Get the instructions here.

3. Dog Bow Tie

Dog Bow Tie

Repurpose your old neckties for this DIY dog bowtie project. The older you use, the better, as retro ties are always timeless.

4. Doggie Bow Tie

Doggie Bow Tie

Get a bow tie for your dog’s collar to ensure he looks his finest on his next stroll downtown. For a complete, no-sew make, use velcro wraps on the center. Here’s the DIY.

5. Doted Dog Bow Tie

Doted Dog Bow Tie

With minimal sewing and just three supplies, this DIY allows you to create a cute little bow tie for your pup using any fabric of your choice.

6. DIY Bow Tie for a Dapper Dog

DIY Bow Tie for a Dapper Dog

Boost the cuteness quotient of your dog’s collar with Velcro and two differently colored scraps of fabric. The rest of the instructions are in this DIY.

7. Dog Bow Tie DIY

DIY Dog Bow Tie2

Making this no-sew bow tie is super easy when you have scraps of fabric and a glue gun handy. Plus, it makes a nice gift for dog owners in your friend circle. Here’s the DIY.

8. DIY Bandana Bow Tie For Dogs

DIY Bandana Bow Tie For Dogs

This DIY bandana bow-tie with easy-to-attach clasps and a flexible yet secure fit is a Godsent for dressing up fussy pups.

9. Easy No Sew Dog Bowties

With just three household supplies and zero sewings, this easy instructable is a quick fix for owners looking to make their statement-making dogs ready for town.

10. Fabric BowTies for Dogs

Created using ribbon and scrap fabric, these bow ties take five minutes to come together and offer endless possibilities of customization. Take a look at this DIY video for more info.

11. Dog Collar and Bowtie

Create a combination of collar and bow ties to have a new look for your dog every day of the week. This DIY is a great way to get started.

13. Simple DIY Dog Bow Tie

This easy bow tie DIY requires you to tie a few basic knots and iron your fabric before folding it in the shape of the bow. That’s all!

14. Easiest DIY Bow Tie

With a little help from your toolbox and scraps of pretty fabric, you can create dog bow ties from scratch. Take a look at this tutorial to get started.

15. No-Sew Bowtie Bandana for Pets

With an elastic clip and Velcro strap, you can convert any piece of fabric you like into a fashionable dog bow tie to dress up his collar.

16. 5 Minute No Sew DIY Easter Bowtie

5 Minute No Sew DIY Easter Bowtie

A perfect project for busy dog moms, this one lets you whip up unique patterns of bow ties using just scissors, fabric and curling iron. Here’s the DIY.

17. DIY Holiday Dog Bow Tie

DIY Holiday Dog Bow Tie

Make your cute little pup the most debonnaire attendee of the holiday party with these no-sew bow ties put together using hair clips and elastic hair ties. Here’s the full DIY.

18. DIY No-Sew Wedding Bow Tie

DIY No-Sew Wedding Bow Tie

Originally meant for the wedding season, these no-sew bow ties are actually great for any occasion or even if your dog wants to look extra cute one day. Make them with this DIY.

19. Recycled French Cuff DIY Dog Bow Ties

DIY Dog Bow Tie3

Recycled from French cuffs and dress shirt button plackets, this quick DIY bow tie gives you a cheap yet fancy way to dress up your pooch.

20. Dapper Puppy Dog Bow Ties

DIY Dog Bow Tie4

Dress up an elastic neckpiece with unique bowties created using felt and hot glue. This DIY requires minimal efforts to achieve splendid results.

21. Perfect Dog Bow Tie

DIY Dog Bow Tie5

Made with fabric and double-sided velcro, this cute and lightweight bow tie gets your pooch ready for styling around town in a jiffy. Here’s the DIY.

22. Red Printed Dog Bow Tie

Red Printed Dog Bow Tie

This detailed tutorial gives you step-by-step sewing instructions to create a durable and fancy-looking bow tie sans frayed edges for your dog.

23. Earth Rated DIY Dog Bow Tie

This DIY bow tie is a lovely way to show your dog’s unison with the whole eco-friendly theme going around these days.

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