44 iPhone Case Ideas DIY For Personalized Case At Budget

It’s seldom that you get the cover of your choice, so, we have made this extensive list of 44 iPhone case ideas DIY for you to try! All these iPhone case ideas DIY can be personalized the way you want!

1. 5-Minute Watercolor Case

5-Minute Watercolor Case

This quick watercolor DIY is a boon for those who like the idea of changing their iPhone covers at the drop of a hat. So, if you decide you hate stripes the next week, you can switch to polka dots in under five minutes.

2. DIY Pressed Flower Back Case

DIY Pressed Flower Back Case

Decorating your iPhone cover with pressed flowers is a unique way to flaunt their natural beauty and add an aesthetic touch to an otherwise modern accessory. Follow this DIY.

3. Paint Chips Back Cover

Paint Chips Back Cover

With paint swatch and an x-acto knife, you can create this cool new cover that does a great job of complementing all types of smartphones out there. Here’s the DIY.

4. DIY Floral Back Panel

Nothing like some flower power to add cheery vibes of springtime to a drab iPhone cover. Try it with the instructions in the video.

5. Glitter Case

For the lazy DIYer, color swatches and paper inserts are a shortcut to getting pretty iPhone covers. Watch the video to understand the DIY.

6. iPhone Case with Craft Paper

iPhone Case Ideas DIY1

Finding fun pieces of scrapbook paper that go with the whole holiday mood is the key to this DIY.

7. Rainbow Button Back Panel

Rainbow Button Back Panel

Finding order in a chaos of colors and shapes is the beauty of this DIY. And with buttons, you don’t have to take any extra effort to be artistic.

8. Spiked Phone Case

iPhone Case Ideas DIY2

With adhesive dots and golden studs, you have the chance to make an iPhone cover that is totally different from that of anybody else and sure to blend in with your bold and fun personality. Follow this DIY.

9. Metallic Polka Dot Case

Metallic Polka Dot Case

The polka dot motif is hands down the easiest way to give a timeless and bling touch to a plain black phone cover. Just grab some metallic tape, hole puncher and get started with this DIY.

10. iPhone Case Ideas DIY

iPhone Case Ideas DIY3

There’s something oddly satisfying about seeing glitter splashed about in asymmetrical patterns. Get this eccentric design on your iPhone cover in two minutes with this DIY.

11. Changeable Back Panel

Changeable Back Panel

Bring emphasis to the quote of your choice with a clear phone cover and nail varnish. This DIY is perfect for people that like changing the main background of their phone cover from time to time.

12. Beautiful iPhone Case

iPhone Case Ideas DIY4

Give a serious personality upgrade to a clear glass case with triangular patterns layered with glitter vinyl. Here’s the DIY.

13. Tapestry Case

Tapestry Case

Prep up your phone case for the festive season with this cheery tapestry ribbon DIY.

14. Felt Case for Valentines Day

Felt Case for Valentines Day

Using felt hearts that never go out of style, this DIYer shows you how to add a romantic vibe to your phone in under 10 minutes.

15. Washi Tape Back Cover

Washi Tape Back Cover

Washi tape phone cases are insanely easy to customize, takes two minutes to come together and are great for getting the kids involved as well. Follow this DIY.

16. DIY Nail Polish Inspired Case

You don’t have to be an artist to boast of a creative DIY iPhone cover. Ditch those watercolors for nail polish to get a look that is more professional and long-lasting.

17. Print Your Photo On Phone Back

With decal paper and a favorite photo of your choice, you can personalize a clear iPhone case at a fraction of the cost. Watch the tutorial in the video.

18. DIY Sparkle Case

Few things jazz up a plain old iPhone cover as glitter does! All you need is some Mod Podge and colorful glitter. Follow the video.

19. DIY Glow In The Dark Case

For the ultimate Goth update to your iPhone cover this Halloween, consider going with some adhesive vinyl and iridescent paint.

20. DIY Liquid Case

The best part about having a liquid phone cover is that you can resemble it to any scene you want-from a tropical forest to a beachy ocean.

21. DIY Liquid Glitter iPhone Case

The thing about liquid glitter is that it adds pizzazz to ordinary embellishments like fake flower petals or tiny charms, creating a spectacular effect with little effort. Get the full DIY in the video.

22. DIY iPhone Leather Case

This year on Father’s Day, why not give something your dad would actually love and could use! Like this rather buff leather iPhone cover for example.

23. DIY iPhone Cases for $1

Dig into your craft supplies and you’re sure to fish out items that will come handy into making these dirt-cheap yet super cool iPhone covers. Take a look at this DIY for inspiration.

24. Spray Paint Case

Spray Paint Case

Get the imprint of your prettiest piece of lace fabric with added gold and silver colors on your phone cover with this elegant DIY.

25. Cross-Stitch iPhone Cases

Cross-Stitch iPhone Cases

For a punchy, more aesthetic touch to your sleek iPhone, consider going with cross-stitch embroidered patterns. Here’s the DIY.

26. Stripped iPhone Cases

iPhone Case Ideas DIY5

With scotch tapes by your side, you have dozens of color combinations available to get breezy, striped patterns on your iPhone cover. Here’s the DIY.

27. iPhone Case with Different Colors of Nail Polish

iPhone Case Ideas DIY6

Update your phone for the springtime with the most vibrant colors of nail paint lying in your dresser. The stripes are easy to create, taking about three coats each and give off a pretty summer vibe. Get the DIY here.

28. DIY Marbled Case

DIY Marbled Case

Creating a marbled look requires no more than three colors of nail polish and a clear iPhone cover. Get the details here.

29. DIY Neon Studded iPhone Case

iPhone Case Ideas DIY7

Style up a plain white phone case for the summers with different colors of neon studs and glue. Here’s the DIY.

30. DIY Pearl iPhone Case

DIY Pearl iPhone Case

Here’s a great way to put the beads and rhinestones from broken jewelry to use. Get some pearl clip-on earrings as well to fill up the gaps and create a vintage-looking phone case.

31. DIY Map iPhone Case

DIY Map iPhone Case

Repurposing maps as your iPhone covers evoke a strange sense of nostalgia and old school romance while giving a quirky touch to the modern gadget. Follow this DIY.


32. DIY Apple Leather Case for iPhone 6/6s

Why spend on those fancy microfiber iPhone covers when you can replicate the same look with scrap pieces of leather, rubber cement, and a clear phone case.

33. DIY: Custom iPhone Case Under $5!

Switching up your phone covers doesn’t have to drain out your money and creativity. All you need is a little help from your office printer and a bunch of clear phone covers.

34. iPhone Case Ideas DIY

Jazz up a simple transparent phone cover with glittery beads assembled in a chaotic arrangement or arranged to spell your favorite word.

35. DIY Ice Cream iPhone Case

Have fun as you tote around your phone for selfies on girl’s night outs with this easy DIY that almost makes your iPhone unrecognizable with a cute popsicle makeover.

36. DIY Gemstone Encrusted iPhone Case

For the ultimate luxe feel to your iPhone, get hold of a blank phone cover and an assorted pack of gemstones and get started with this DIY.

37. Spider-man Glue Gun iPhone Case

If you’re looking for subtle ways to express a mood through your iPhone cover, go with this 5-minute Spiderman-themed DIY.

38. DIY Unicorn Rainbow iPhone Case

Combining the cheery themes of rainbow and unicorn in a cute design, this DIY iPhone case is a nod to the inner child in you.

39. Blue Bear Crochet iPhone Case

Remember that tiny jolt that runs down your spine every time you clutch your cold phone in winters! Well, this crochet iPhone cover helps take care of that.

40. PIZZA iPhone Case

Cute hearts and pearls may not fill the void in you but pizza definitely will, which is why this DIY iPhone case is a nice way to pay ode to this Godsent food.

41. DIY Geometric iPhone Case

Inspired by tribal Aztec print, this low-cost geometric design DIY is perfect for all seasons.

42. DIY iPhone Case Kid-Drawn

Carrying your kid’s art wherever you go is a happy little reminder of the times spent with him even as you’re away at work.

43. DIY iPhone case Crayon Melt

Sacrificing crayons ruthlessly may seem like cold-blooded murder but the end-results are actually more gorgeous than anything you have ever made.

44. DIY Bohemian Style iPhone Case

iPhone Case Ideas DIY7

Featuring a burst of textures from lace and leather to cotton yarn detailing, this Bohemian-inspired iPhone cover is surely one of a kind! Get the look with this DIY.

We hope that you found the right case to suit your spirit among all these iPhone case ideas DIY. In case, you get inspired and create something new, let us know in the comments below. We’d love to appreciate your art!

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