28 Unbelievable Toothpaste Uses That Can Make Life Easier

If you’ve always thought that toothpaste just for polishing and cleaning your teeth then it’s the time to see these UNBELIEVABLE TOOTHPASTE USES, which can save both your time and money!

1. Remove Water Rings

A non-gel toothpaste will easily and handily remove the rings that sweating beverages and drinks leave on your furniture. Do a little gentle rub of the toothpaste using a soft cloth first and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. Visit Reader’s Digest to read 6 more tips to remove Water Stains!

2. Soothing Burns

Toothpaste will soothe (minor) burns and remove the sting. Use cold water first to make sure the skin isn’t still hot from contact, then use a little toothpaste to cover the burn. The pain should alleviate quickly.
Caveat: Apply toothpaste to treat only the minor burns!

3. Clean Jewelry

Uses for Toothpaste 3

This toothpaste hack is amazing, did you know that non-gel toothpaste can clean jewelry, especially silver and diamonds? Use it just the same as you would your usual jewelry posh, with a brush and a rag. Don’t scrub too hard. Visit wikiHow to learn more!

4. Remove Crayon Marks on Walls

Toothpaste spread over crayon marks, rubbed, and wiped away, will remove the artistic yearnings of your local child. White walls in particular, but others should work almost as well. The toothpaste will dissolve the crayon, once done, rinse the wall with water.

5. Clean & Polish Ceramic

Rubbing toothpaste into your sinks or toilets or any kind of ceramic helps in removing the marks and dirt that accumulate from overuse. You’ll find it takes a little effort, one of the best toothpaste uses!

6. Defogging Mirrors

Rubbing a non-gel toothpaste over a mirror and wiping it dry before showering will result in a clear, clean mirror when you step out of the shower. This will help both makeup application and shaving, of course.

7. Remove Permanent Marker

This is one of the most efficient toothpaste uses— If your child (or children) has moved on from crayons and discovered that permanent marker and your wood furniture or walls go together well, relax. A little toothpaste rubbed on will remove it, too. Visit wikiHow to learn more!

8. Treat Poison Ivy (and similar)

Twice a day gently apply toothpaste to the whole rash and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off with cold, soapy water. This will remove the rash and irritation much sooner.

9. Revive Shower Doors

Toothpaste on a sponge, used in a circular scrubbing manner with a wipe-down after, will make your shower doors clear again. Don’t forget to do both sides. Unless of course, you want them that way.

10. Acne Treatment

Weirdly enough but true, toothpaste is a legitimate acne treatment due to the menthol it contains. Best used overnight, a spot of toothpaste on that pimple will shrink it and reduce the redness. It works! Here’s a good post for you to see.

11. Cell Phone Screens

You’re going to scratch your cell phone screens. It’s inevitable. But most minor scratches can be dealt with easily. Rub the screen with toothpaste and your finger, wipe it down after. Keep the rest dry. Apart from this cool TOOTHPASTE HACK, there are many other ways to clean your phone’s screen, visit Mashable!

12. Treating Bug Bites

The pain bites and stings of most insects (the most common, mosquitoes) can be mollified by the application of small amounts of toothpaste. Remember your signs of allergic reaction, though – toothpaste doesn’t treat that. Ever.

13. Removing Chewing Gum In Hair

Yeah, this one can be frustrating. Apply toothpaste over the gum fully and then let it sit. It will break down the gum’s stickiness in just a few minutes, and then it’ll come right out.

14. Whiten Your Fingernails

This toothpaste hack is so popular and why not it can your fingernails appear brighter and beautiful. Basically, your teeth (on the outside) and your fingernails are actually made of the same stuff, a substance called enamel. So, just like your teeth, toothpaste can be used to clean and brighten your fingernails. Visit this site to learn this amazing hack!

15. Scuffed Linoleum

Along with a dry cloth, toothpaste can get those scuff marks out of your linoleum and similar laminate floor. Just keep scrubbing until the residue is gone – and the scuffs will be gone with it.

16. Car Air Freshener

If you park in the sun every day, a little toothpaste in a paper towel or napkin under one of the seats can make your vehicle smell minty fresh. It’ll need to be replaced every now and then, of course.

17. Shining Chrome

Shining Chrome with toothpaste

Another awesome toothpaste hack! The chrome on your faucets, showers, or on your favorite CAR, all can all be polished with toothpaste. Just be a little gentler with your toothpaste and rag than you would be with chrome polish and it’ll shine nicely.

18. Goggles & Scuba Masks

Goggle de-fogger is very expensive, but you already have a cheap and easy replacement– Your toothpaste, rub it gently into the lenses and rinse it out completely. You may not believe but will do the job perfectly.

19. Hair Gel

That sounds weird, right? But if you’re out of hair gel, and don’t mind smelling particularly minty, toothpaste can be used in a pinch as a hair gel. Toothpaste includes many of the same ingredients that gel does, and it causes no harm.

20. Remove Smell From Water Bottles

Over time, water bottles begin to smell funky. Especially if in constant use and don’t get a lot of time to air out. Scrub them with toothpaste and toss in the dishwasher, they’ll start to smell fine and become clean.

21. Rejuvenate Headlamps

Cleaning the headlights on your car can be difficult or expensive. Toothpaste will solve this. Clean them with soap and water and then buff with toothpaste and a rag, and they’ll shine as new and become bright again.

22. Hanging Posters

Hanging posters can be quite expensive if you rent and can’t put nail or tack holes in the wall. Stores sell tacky stuff, but it’s pricey. Use toothpaste instead – it’ll hold as well, and it’ll come off clean.

23. Skunk Smell

Tomato juice doesn’t actually work that well for getting your dog to not smell like skunk. Go for toothpaste instead. Use a lot, and scrub him down well – it’ll take some work – but he’ll smell better.

24. Stinky Hands


Garlic, fish and onion smell intense and their odor tend to linger on your hands after cooking or eating. Wash your hands with soap and water and then use toothpaste. The Lifehacker.com has a post on it in detail!

25. Wall Holes

Like many things, spackling is expensive. It doesn’t have to be. Toothpaste will dry in place and paint over just as well – use it instead. The smell will go away after it dries, rather like spackle.

26. Cleaning Grout

Grout can be a pain to clean, but toothpaste will do the job. Remember, to wipe up the toothpaste as you go – you don’t want the toothpaste to dry and make your job even harder. The grout should return to original color.

27. Treating Bruises

A combination of skin lotion and toothpaste, applied to a bruise under a bandage, will help to accelerate the healing. It’ll heal much more quickly than most other remedies.

28. Polishing Instruments

Flutes and similar instruments can be polished with toothpaste, more safely than potentially toxic metal polishes. Use toothpaste and a rag to shine, a wet rag after to make sure it’s clean.

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