40+ DIY Wood Coffee Table Ideas

If you’ve got a sense of construction with wood, these DIY wood coffee table ideas are sure to win your heart! They can be a great addition to your living room if you’re seeking a modern makeover!

1. Coffee Table With Storage

Coffee Table With Storage

The advantage of having a broad tabletop for the coffee table is you can easily fit your ottomans in the available space below. Get the details here.

2. Mission-Style Coffee Table

Mission Style Coffee Table

This mission-style coffee table is a contemporary piece of furniture that will suit every interior. Its side design brings a beautiful layer of complexity to the look. Get the DIY here.

3. Modern Wood Palette Coffee Table

Wood Palette Coffee Table

Made with wooden plates and pallet and whitewashed for a softer look, this portable coffee table has a modern touch to go with your sectionals. Here’s the DIY.

4. Elegant Angled Wood Table

DIY Wood Coffee Table Ideas1

Using splayed legs for the basic coffee table not only adds up to side complexity but also makes for a more appealing look. Here’s the DIY.

5. Whiskey Barrel Table

Whiskey Barrel Table

Creating a coffee table out of a whiskey barrel is a terrific way to prep your bachelor pad for the upcoming party. Here’s the DIY.

6. Window Coffee Table

Window Coffee Table

The premise of this window-to-table DIY is simple- just place a salvaged window frame over a whitewashed wooden top and attach regular table legs underneath.

7. $30 Farmhouse Coffee Table

Add a wooden coffee table to your sofa set seamlessly without worrying about a bold contrast. Just a fresh coat of white paint is enough.

8. $27 Coffee Table WITH STORAGE

With ample room for storage and an easy assembly procedure, this DIY coffee table is a great project to handle for beginners.

9. Scrap Wood Coffee Table

Create a unique textured surface combining varying shades of wooden scraps for a beautiful sculptural look.

10. Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Use lightly sanded wood to tone down the bulky appeal of a classic square coffee table. You can check out the tutorial in the video.

11. Coffee Table Using Crates

In the absence of pallets or advance woodworking skills, try assembling wooden crates together for a makeshift coffee table that gives you the option of concealed storage as well.

12. DIY Coffee Table With Hidden Storage

Speaking of storage, this design allows for an easy pull-down design for keeping books and children’s toys handy.

13. Coffee Table from Rough Wood

The raw rustic appeal of unfinished wood may not fit in modern homes, but this DIY will show you how to incorporate that into your coffee table design.

14. DIY Rustic Pallet Coffee Table

A broad wooden tabletop coupled with short legs makes for unique farmhouse-style furniture that blends easily with the existing couch.

15. Tree Stump Table with Glass Top

Merge a mirrored surface over a reclaimed tree stump to sweeten the bold look. Here’s the DIY.

16. Simple Coffee Table

Simplicity is the ultimate way to display sophistication. Take a cue from this DIY for inspiration.

17. Industrial Coffee Table

DIY Wood Coffee Table Ideas2

Lightweight yet sturdy, this industrial-style coffee table is super easy to maneuver and adds elegance to space. Here’s the DIY.

18. Farmhouse Square Coffee Table

DIY Wood Coffee Table Ideas3

The classic square coffee table is a great thing to go with sectionals. Consider making one with a painted base and sanded tabletop. Here’s the DIY.

19. DIY Geometric Wood Art Coffee Table

DIY Wood Coffee Table Ideas4

Nothing beats textures! Combine light and dark stained wood for the tabletop and add a nice pair of hairpin legs for a modern touch. Here’s the DIY.

20. Rhyan Coffee Table

Rhyan Coffee Table

Albeit chunky, this gorgeous wooden table has complete drawers for added complexity and textures. Here’s the DIY.

21. Birch Log Coffee Table

Birch Log Coffee Table

There’s something so warm about the appeal of birch that it cozies up space instantly. Put it to use with this amazing coffee table DIY.

22. Anthropologie Inspired Coffee Table

DIY Wood Coffee Table Ideas5

Replicate the look of aged wood for your coffee table to spruce up your room with industrial-style decor. Here’s the DIY.

23. Reclaimed Lumber Coffee Table

Reclaimed Lumber Table

Combined wood reclaimed from an old shelf and castors to create a portable, industrial-style center table with this super easy DIY.

24. Coffee Table Using an Old Door

Old Door Table

For the ultimate shabby chic look, try this door-to-table transformation DIY.

25. Wood Slab Coffee Table

Wood Slab Coffee Table

All you need is a trip down to the local hardware store to fashion a handsome coffee table from unfinished wood. Check out this DIY for inspiration.

26. Copper Pipe Wood Coffee Table

DIY Wood Coffee Table Ideas6

For a subtle elegant touch without trying too hard, consider adding copper legs to a wooden tabletop. This DIY has the details.

27. Balustrade Wood Coffee Table

DIY Wood Coffee Table Ideas7

Uplift the look of a shoddy old coffee table with new monastery bench legs that would make it look like a family treasure. Here’s the DIY.

28. 2×4 Boards Coffee Table

2X4 Coffee Table

A 2×4 coffee table is a handy thing to have when you’re on a budget and less than impressive woodworking skills to boast of. This DIY shows you how to create one using pallets and bench-style hairpin legs.

29. Mid-Century Wood Coffee Table

Modern Coffee Table

This mid-century DIY coffee table lets you set a nice vintage tone to the living room without changing the couch and chairs.

30. Lift-Top Wood Coffee Table

Wood Coffee Table

For handy access to storage, try the lift top table. Here’s the DIY.

31. DIY Danish Modern Coffee Table

Danish Modern Table

Upgrade an old center table by removing the base and painting the top with epoxy spray paint for a sparkly new finish. Details are here.

32. Display Wood Coffee Table

Display Wood Coffee Table

Here’s the perfect coffee table design to showcase handpicked treasures for guests to see. Follow this DIY.

33. DIY Live Edge Slab Coffee Table

The myriad patterns intrinsic to raw live edge wood make it a timeless starting material to create your coffee table with.

34. DIY Rustic Concealment Coffee Table

Salvaged from old wooden furniture pieces, this DIY coffee table is a nifty piece to make; plus, adding a neat little pull-out shelf below makes for extra storage.

35. DIY Coffee Table with Concrete Legs

A wooden base combined with concrete legs makes for a sturdy and trendy coffee table that is likely to last generations.

36. Epoxy and Coffee Beans Coffee Table World Map

Using epoxy resin to etch world map and coffee beans to fill up the drawing, this DIY coffee table is a splendid addition to a geek’s living room.

37. DIY Outdoor Coffee Table

If you’re looking to make the most of your backyard space with some organization, this DIY is the best beginner’s project to get your hands on.

38. Coffee Table with a Shelf

For a quick shelf-to-table conversion, consider this DIY. It gives you a way to reuse old pieces of furniture as well.

39. Chevron Coffee Table

Using pallet of different shades and sizes, this DIY shows you how to create a chevron pattern that adds a beautifully sublime touch to the room.

40. DIY Infinity Mirror Wood Coffee Table

Modify your existing center table with LED strips and square glass to create an infinity mirror top that is sure jazz up your living room at night.

41. DIY Bowling Alley Coffee Table

Good-looking wood deserves a second chance, which is why this DIYer converted a bowling lane into a beautiful coffee table.

42. Russian Rustic Wooden Coffee Table Made of Stump DIY

Add a fun factor to the children’s bedroom with a handpainted tree stump. Get the DIY in the video.

43. DIY Factory Cart Coffee Table

Factory Cart Table DIY

Featuring a reclaimed wooden top fastened to castor wheels, this DIY factory cart table brings shabby chic charm to the living room.

44. Free Crate Store Coffee Table

Free Crate Coffee Table

For building stylish coffee tables with lots of character, consider using crates instead of drawers and get ample room of storage as well. Here’s the DIY.

45. Herb Garden Wood Coffee Table Ideas

Herb Garden Table

The idea of having a coffee table that incorporates a herb garden as well gives you ample culinary choices to spice up food and drinks while lazing on the sofa. Get the DIY here.

46. Coffee Table Using Old Wood Soda Crates

Coffee Table

With wooden boxes as the table base and tempered glass for the top, this unique coffee table is a great place to showcase dainty decorative knick-knacks. Here’s the DIY.

We hope that among these wood coffee table ideas, you were able to find a table that would suit your liking and spirit! If you’ve got more such ideas, you’re free to share them in the comments below!

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