After Reading This Post, You Will Always Freeze Your Lemons

Why should you freeze lemons? Is there anything special about frozen lemons? Definitely, find out what!

 freeze lemons

Should you freeze lemons? And if so, why should you freeze them?

Freezing lemons hardens the lemon, making it easier to grate the peel. The grated lemon skin contains lots of health benefits and tastes great!

Why should you eat Lemon Peel?

For your knowledge lemon peel is surprisingly 5 to 10 times more nutritious than its pulp.

The most ingenious benefit of freezing lemon is that you get them year round. That is, you can buy them in bulk and freeze thereafter. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits even after the harvest season.

There are many ways you can consume frozen lemon. Just grate the skin and sprinkle it on any food that you’ll love with the citrusy flavor.

Other Benefits

Lemon is popularly known to have properties that help in fighting cancer. There are reports that prove that lemons can help in fighting tumors and cysts as well.

This tropical fruit also has anti-bacterial properties. Consuming it regularly regulates high blood pressure. Also, it’s a known fact that lemon is great for an anti-depressant.

What kind of Lemons are Best for Freezing

 freeze lemons2

When you’re choosing lemons to freeze, make sure you go for the larger ones.

QUICK TIP: Choose large size lemons that have least or no soft spots.

You can freeze lemons as a whole, cut, sliced or in any other form. Before you put them in the freezer, make sure you thoroughly wash them.

Before washing lemons, soak them in baking soda or apple cider vinegar for a minute.

If you’d prefer to freeze the lemon as a whole, put it in a freezer bag and seal so that there’s no air left.

To freeze grated lemons, cover them with an aluminum foil to ensure they don’t dry out. Place the wrapped lemons into clean freezer bags but before freezing them, remove air.

How to Use it

Once the lemon is frozen you can grate it and sprinkle it on your cocktail, ice cream, salad, soup, noodles, or whatever you like. You’ll notice that its taste is absolutely great and different from what it tastes like naturally.

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