13 DIY Essential Oil Air Freshener Recipes To Naturally Uplift your Mood

Make your home smell heavenly with these all-natural essential oil air freshener recipes!

1. Water Bead Diffuser Jar

essential oil air freshener

This aesthetically-pleasing jar of scented water beads can soal up noxious odors like a charm. Check the detailed tutorial here.

2. Chemical Free Air Freshener

essential oil air freshener2

Dab few drops of essential oil on your furnace filter during every change to ensure freshly scented circulating air at all times. Check it out at familymaven.

3. How To Make A Diffuser Necklace For Essential Oils

essential oil air freshener3

This aromatic necklace is actually a lucky charm that is known to ward off bad mood and negativity from your aura. Get the details here.

4. Wood Air Freshener

essential oil air freshener4

This wooden dangler is far from being just a car accessory; rather it’s a deodorizer in disguise.

5. Clothespin Air Freshener

essential oil air freshener5

Dip a clothespin in essential oil and plug it in the vent of your car to soak up bad smells.  Idea via thekrazycouponlady.

6. DIY Clay Pot Essential Oil Diffuser

Create a divine, spa-like atmosphere at home with a cluster of these clay pot oil diffusers.  Here’s the DIY.

7. Homemade Reed Diffuser

essential oil air freshener7

If synthetic fresheners and oil burners make you nauseous, this reed diffuser could help. A bottle, some scented liquid, and a few reed sticks are all you need for this essential oil air freshener project.

8. Essential Oil Bracelet

essential oil air freshener8

Paracord bracelets dabbed with diluted scented oil make for nice aromatherapy DIY jewelry, keeping you calm and positive all day. The DIY is here.

9. Stick Air Diffuser

essential oil air freshener9

This DIY customizable oil diffuser lets you use any bottle, any scent and any stick of your liking.

10. Felted Wool Essential Oil Air Freshener

essential oil air freshener10

Here’s a fun way to convert an ordinary string of felt balls into a portable deodorant for your car.

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11. DIY Terra Cotta Air Fresheners With Essential Oils

essential oil air freshener11

What better than baked clay to retain and elicit fragrant smells from time to time! Sounds like something you can carry in your bag as well. Check out the tutorial here.

12. Rice & Essential Oil Homemade Air Fresheners

essential oil air freshener12

If you have friends coming over and just about two minutes to deodorize your home, do count on this easy air freshener recipe.

13. Homemade Mojito Gel & Essential Oil Air Fresheners

essential oil air freshener13

Incorporate the gentle essence of the summer season with this refreshing mojito-scented air freshener. Get the recipe here.

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