DIY Pallet Planter Box With Instructions

This DIY pallet planter box is easy to make and you’ll be amazed, with just one pallet board you can create this amazing thing. Check out!

Pallets can be useful and here’s one more DIY pallet idea to follow.

Step 1.


Choose a pallet that is in good condition, and not treated chemically.

Step 2.


The next is simple and easy to follow, cut the pallet board into three equal parts.

Step 3.


Now attach the two end pieces to the middle part of the pallet like the way it’s shown in the image above.

Step 4.


Don’t forget to remove the wood pieces as exemplified in the picture above from the middle piece of the pallet and separate them into individual blocks and planks.

Step 5.


Use the removed planks to make the sides and reinforce your DIY pallet planter. Fix the blocks in the bottom as legs.

Step 6.


Line the bottom with chicken wire and then add a layer of Landscaping Fabric or something else that can stop the soil from spilling out from the bottom. Also, remember that it must not block the drainage.

Step 7.


This is it; your planter is ready for planting.

Your DIY Strawberry Pallet Planter is ready. If you want to read the full actual post in detail must visit The Lovely Greens!

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