Do Energy Drinks Expire? | How Long Do Energy Drinks Last?

An energy drink is a beverage made up of sucrose, herbal extracts, amino acid derivatives, artificial flavorings, vitamin supplements, and caffeine. It’s widely used to heighten energy and improve mental attentiveness. But Do Energy Drinks Expire? Let’s find out below!

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Do Energy Drinks Expire?


Like any other store-bought beverage, energy drinks do expire, whether it’s of Monster, Rockstar, NOS, or Spark brands. To know their expiry date, search the product label located on the front, back, or bottom. Before purchasing an energy drink or any beverage, always check the best-before date.

How Long Do Unopened Energy Drinks Last?

Unopened energy drinks typically last for about 6-9 months beyond their “best by” date when stored properly at room temperature. This extended shelf-life is due to their high sugar content, acidity, and preservatives. However, the quality in terms of flavor and efficacy of ingredients may degrade over time. If the can is bulging, leaking, smells off, or shows any signs of spoilage, discard it regardless of the expiration date.

How Long Do Opened Energy Drinks Last?


Once opened, energy drinks should be consumed within a day or two for optimal taste. However, tightly closed and refrigerated energy drinks can easily maintain their quality and taste for 2-4 days.

Do Energy Drinks Need to Be Refrigerated?

Yes, opened energy drinks should be refrigerated, as bacteria and mold growth begin after some time due to exposure to air. On the other hand, refrigeration isn’t mandatory for unopened energy drinks as they are sealed and often contain preservatives. However, storing them in a fridge is recommended for better taste.

Can You Drink Expired Energy Drinks? | Is It Safe to Drink Expired Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks, like other beverages, have a “best by” date which indicates when the product will be at its peak quality. Consuming them even a day past this date isn’t safe for your health. Although many sources over the internet claim otherwise, it’s best to avoid expired energy drinks consumption.

Are Energy Drinks Good or Bad for You?

Energy drinks are a popular beverage as they can improve cognitive ability and concentration levels. Along with the host of benefits, energy drinks also have some downsides as well, and both are discussed below.

Benefits of Energy Drinks


Here’re some amazing benefits that you gain from the consumption of energy drinks:

1. Improves Brain Function

According to this research, sipping energy drinks has a significant positive influence on concentration and memory levels.

2. Reduces Mental Fatigue

Energy drinks are capable of fighting against mental exhaustion. This clinical trial proves that energy drinks can combat mental fatigue because of their glucose and caffeine ingredients that ameliorate cognitive abilities.

3. Increases Mental Alertness

People who’re always behind the wheel often suffer from sleep deprivation that impacts their mental vigilance. As per this reputed study, drivers consuming energy drinks get relief from the sleepiness. As a result, their driving quality improves during prolonged hours of driving.

Potential Downsides of Energy Drinks

Every year in the United States, an unusual amount of emergency room appointments belongs to the consumption of energy drinks. Below are some of the downsides of drinking energy drinks that you must know.

1. Cardiovascular Problems

Consuming energy drinks alone or in combination with drugs or alcohol can cause different heart issues. According to this study, sipping energy drinks raises blood pressure and heart rate. That’s why cardiovascular patients strictly avoid energy drinks.

2. Spikes Blood Sugar

As energy drink is loaded with extreme amounts of sugar, it increases blood sugar levels. Even healthy people can develop type 2 diabetes due to its frequent consumption. Fortunately, nowadays, energy drink manufacturers sell less-sugary or sugar-free versions.

Precautions You Should Take

Make sure to read the below precautionary measures for safety purposes.

  • Consult your physician before consuming energy drinks if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.
  • People having diabetes or any other medical condition strictly avoid energy drinks.
  • Before drinking this beverage, take a closer look at the product label to avoid allergic responses.
  • Don’t consume energy drinks with alcohol to avoid mishaps.

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