10 Flowers That Look Like Vulva | Flowers That Look Like Vagina

Flowers that Look Like Vulva? Yes, they are real! Explore more about these peculiar botanical specimens in this informative article!

The plant kingdom is full of intriguing botanical wonders, and these Flowers That Look Like Vulva are the perfect examples. Scroll this article for more info.

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Flowers That Look Like Vulva

1. Barrita OrchidFlowers That Look Like Vulva 1

Botanical Name – Cymbidium Orchid ‘Barrita’

This beautiful orchid variety showcases petals and a central labellum that resembles a vulva. It’s an excellent addition to ornamental gardens and floral arrangements.

2. Poppy Plant

Botanical Name – Papaver

When the petals start to reveal from the flower bud, it looks quite identical to the vulva. Its petals can be pink, white, orange, or purple in shade.

3. Southern Catalpa Flower

Flowers That Look Like Vulva 3

Botanical Name – Catalpa bignonioides

Southern catalpa is a shade tree with bell-shaped blooms that mimic the form of a vulva with a central opening and ruffled edges. This tree offers white flowers with purple and yellow spots in summer.

4. Africa Tulip Flower


Botanical Name – Spathodea campanulata

A native of tropical Africa, spathodea campanulata produces fuzzy brown flower buds that resemble a vulva when it opens up a bit.

5. Hydnora

Flowers That Look Like Vulva 5

Botanical Name – Hydnora africana

Hydnora africana features large peach-orange flowers with an opening in the middle, resembling female genitalia. It’s a peculiar parasitic plant with no leaves and stems.

6. Chinese Evergreen

Botanical Name – Aglaonema

The blooms of Chinese Evergreen or aglaonema mimic the look of a vulva by their green or white spathe and spadix structure.

7. Dutchman’s PipeFlowers That Look Like Vulva 7

Botanical Name – Aristolochia spp.

The intricate pattern of Aristolochia’s flowers gives them the appearance of female genitalia. There are more than 600-700 species in the Aristolochia genus.

8. Cymbidiella pardalina


Botanical Name – Cymbidiella pardalina

This rare orchid species features large, flamboyant blooms with a central part that looks quite similar to a vulva.

9. Butterfly PeaFlowers That Look Like Vulva 9

Botanical Name – Clitoria ternatea

Clitoria ternatea is a perennial flowering vine that boasts pale lavender-blue to purple, vulva-like flowers. This plant blooms profusely in well-drained soil and full sun.

10. Tulip

shutterstock/Olesia Prokoshina

Botanical Name – Tulipa

The classic cup-shaped blooms of tulips have slightly curved petals that look identical to the vulva. Its blossoms come in beautiful shades of purple, pink, and yellow.

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