7 Clever Light Bulb Storage Ideas

Discover clever, space-saving Light Bulb Storage Ideas to keep your bulbs safe and organized. These are perfect for every home!

Tired of rummaging through drawers for the right bulb? Check out these creative Light Bulb Storage Ideas to keep them organized and within easy reach.

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Light Bulb Storage Ideas

1. Egg Cartons Repurpose

Light Bulb Storage Ideas 1

Instead of discarding empty egg cartons, reuse them to store light bugs. It’s a super affordable and eco-friendly storage solution in this list of lightbulb storage ideas.

2. Plastic Storage Bin Light Bulbs Organizer

Gather a large transparent plastic bin and disposable cups to create a cost-effective storage solution for different-sized light bulbs. This compact bin can be easily stored in the closet, thus ideal for less-spacious homes.

3. Glass Jars Turned Light Bulbs Holder

Light Bulb Storage Ideas 3

You only need large glass jars to corral your light bulb collection. Besides organizing bulbs, this idea enhances the aesthetic appeal. Always make sure to label the glass jars for quick identification.

4. Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Looking for a cheap, easy-to-implement, last-minute light bulb storage idea? Simply repurpose an over-the-door shoe organizer. Besides organizing light bulbs, it lets you store other small stuff as well.

5. Try a Cardboard Box

Light Bulb Storage Ideas 5

A cardboard box with tiny compartments is perfect for organizing different-sized and shaped light bulbs. It protects the bulbs from accidental damage and dust.

6. Stackable Bins Light Bulbs Storage

Stackable bins are a convenient and space-efficient solution for storing light bulbs. This storage solution is ideal for home and professional settings.

7. Wooden Box Light Bulbs Storage

Light Bulb Storage Ideas 7

Do you have an old wooden box? If yes, then use it to hold your light bulb collection. Besides adding functionality to the space, it adds rustic appeal, too. It’s a practical addition to the home organization essentials.

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