11 Surprising Flowers that Look Like Birds

Add an extra dose of charm and personality to your room with these surprising Flowers that Look Like Birds!

Want to add a whimsy touch to your indoors? These Flowers that Look Like Birds will do just the same. Take a look and choose your favorite!

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Flowers that Look Like Birds

1. Moth Orchid

11 Surprising Flowers that Look Like Birds 1

Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis

This particular orchid variety resembles both a bird and a moth, as its name suggests. The plant requires high humidity, low sunlight, and warm temperatures to thrive, making them an excellent choice as Indoor Flowers that Look Like Birds.

2. Bird of Paradise


Botanical Name: Strelitzia reginae

The pointed blue petals and five bright orange stamens are a charming mimic of a bird in flight. To keep this plant thriving indoors, ensure it receives plenty of sunlight, either by placing it in a sunny location or by supplementing it with grow lights.

3. Yulan Magnolia

11 Surprising Flowers that Look Like Birds 2

Botanical Name: Magnolia denudata

These exquisite flowers have a unique appearance, resembling a bird perching on a stem before unfurling into a stunning pink and white blossom. When cultivating this plant indoors, place it in a location that receives several hours of bright, direct sunlight each day, such as a south-facing balcony or a sunny windowsill.

4. Dove Orchid


Botanical Name: Peristeria elata

This stunning orchid variety showcases pure white blooms that resemble a dove resting on its pristine throne, making it an undoubtedly breathtaking creation of nature. It thrives in warm and humid indoor environments, making it one of the most attractive Flowers that Look Like Birds.

5. Western Bearded Greenhood

11 Surprising Flowers that Look Like Birds 3

Botanical Name: Pterostylis barbata

The Western Bearded Greenwood orchid is a distinctive and unusual plant that has the ability to fool onlookers into thinking it is a bird rather than a flower – just take a look at its picture!

6. Green Bird Flower


Botanical Name: Crotalaria cunninghamii

The sepals of these orchids are quite remarkable, being velvety and colored in a gray-green hue. They are quite large and resemble a flock of birds that are resting together.

7. Bat Flower

11 Surprising Flowers that Look Like Birds 4

Botanical Name: Tacca chantrieri

This unique and intriguing orchid variety is sure to be a standout addition to any indoor collection. With its bat-like appearance and tall stalk emerging from large green foliage, this plant is truly one-of-a-kind.

8. Bird’s Mouth Orchid


Botanical Name: Orthoceras strictum

This orchid variety is uniquely distinctive, resembling a bird with its beak open wide as if ready to devour prey. To ensure its survival, keep it away from harshly cold environments and provide it with a soilless medium for optimal growth and health.

9. White Egret Flower

11 Surprising Flowers that Look Like Birds 5

Botanical Name: Pecteilis radiata

The fringed petals of this exotic orchid variety are pure white, resembling the graceful wings of an Egret bird as it takes flight. Growing this stunning plant in your home requires a spot with 3-4 hours of bright sunlight and a well-draining orchid potting mix, making it one of the easiest growing Flowers that Look Like Birds.

10. Parrot Flower


Botanical Name: Impatiens psittacina

The vibrant and distinctive bird-like appearance of this flower is truly remarkable. Resembling a flying parrot that is perched on the plant with its beak, it is sure to catch anyone’s eye.

11. Hanging Heliconia

11 Surprising Flowers that Look Like Birds 6

Botanical Name: Heliconia rostrata

The Hanging Heliconias, also known as “lobster claws” due to their distinctive appearance, is a unique type of flower that resembles a group of red birds with yellow tails arranged in a vertical column.

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