18 Homemade DIY Glitter Vases For Decoration

All of these Homemade DIY Glitter Vases are made by upcycling simple everyday objects available in every home.

1. DIY Mason Jar Vase

All of these Homemade DIY Glitter Vases are made by upcycling simple everyday objects available in every home.

Whether you want to bring refreshing summer vibes to the table or complement the crispness of white blooms, this DIY has got you covered with its two easy, glitter craft ideas.

2. DIY Gold Glitter Vases

The possibilities are endless when you have clear tall vases and golden glitter to start. Add some painter’s tape to your arsenal, and you’re only limited by your imagination! Get more inspiration from this DIY.

3. Mini Glitter Vase Decorations

18 DIY Glitter Vases in easy steps

They say there’s a vase for every occasion. This DIY discusses two types of miniature vase decorations: the pastel type for adding color to the table, and the fancier sparkly type for complimenting the party mood.

4. DIY Shot-Glass Vases

The change in your pocket right now is all you need to convert ordinary shot glasses into dazzling vases fit for display. This is a fun craft that can be done for making cute party favors when there’s no time for anything else.

5. Sparkling Vases for Tabletop Decorations

18 Homemade DIY Glitter Vases For Decoration

Create sparkly table decorations for your New Year’s party with empty, leftover bottles and golden glitter. Here’s the DIY.

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6. Candle Jar Glitter Vases

Upcycle candle jars when you’re done with them using some glitter and glue. This DIY is a great way to show off your favorite homegrown blooms and brings cheer to a dull table.

7. DIY Snow Glitter Vase

Don’t have concrete planters? No worries. Replicate the same architectural appeal with this snow-inspired glitter craft that even brings chicness to your winter decor. Check out the DIY here.

8. DIY Silver Glitter Vase from an Old Bottle

Glitter doesn’t have to mean glamor all the time like in this case; the paint has been sprayed from inside to dial down the shine. Create the same look with these instructions here.

9. DIY Ombre Glittered Vase

Create a stunning centerpiece display from a simple glass cylinder using glue and blue glitter. Know how it’s done in this lucid DIY guide.

10. Beautiful Candle Vases

When it’s freezing cold, and you want to bring some warmth to a dinner party, better create these sparkling set of candle holders for the excellent table decor. Surround the arrangement with ivy garlands for a finishing touch. Check out this DIY for more details.

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11. DIY Ombre Glitter Vase

For this DIY, all you need is a clear vase of your choice, some Mod Podge and three shades of glitter to create a captivating gradation of colors from top to bottom.

12. DIY Glitter Glass Vase Luminary

In this DIY, glitter, twinkle lights, and fake snow come together to create an eye-catching display for the center table that can be easily customized to go with your holiday theme.

13. Glitter Candlesticks and Vase

This DIY is proof of how glitter can lend itself to a cool, minimalist decoration with understated charm like these winter-themed candlesticks and vases here.

14. Glitter Vase Craft

This super easy craft takes just ten minutes and three cheap supplies, giving you a startling end result that will make you believe in the supreme power of spray paint. Check out the instructions here.

15. Glittered Pink Vases

This DIYer uses a light pink shade to match her blooms; you can try a combination of green glitter and cream flowers for a baby shower party. Get more details here.

16. DIY Glitter Dot Vase

The combination of polka dots and golden glitter makes it an easy craft idea. Get the DIY here.

17. DIY Sparkly Glitter Flower Vase

18 Homemade DIY Glitter Vases For Decoration

Some gifts are just too hard to give away, like these sparkly and colorful vases, don’t you think? Probably one of the most glittery DIY glitter vases in this list. Find the DIY here.

18. Girly Glitter Vases

Spruce up the bedside table with a lone flower vase slathered with three layers of colorful glitter. You can go the extra mile and make different patterns. Find more instructions in this DIY.