10 Clever Paper Towel Storage Ideas

Learn how to neatly store your paper towels and free up valuable space by taking inspiration from these smart Paper Towel Storage Ideas!

From wall-mounted options to transparent bins, check out these clever paper towel storage ideas that cater to various space requirements.

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Paper Towel Storage Ideas

1. DIY Wall-Mounted Paper Towels Storage Station

Paper Towel Storage Ideas 1

This wall-mounted storage station not only organizes a bulk of paper towel rolls quite easily but also saves counter and drawer space. Make one in your pantry with this tutorial.

2. Easy DIY Paper Towel Holder Hanger

Paper Towel Storage Ideas 2

If you have plastic or metal clothes hangers, then you don’t need anything else to tidy up paper towels. This solution is a breeze to set up and great for keeping towels within arm’s reach.

3. Paper Towels in the Drawer

Paper Towel Storage Ideas 3

Tuck your paper towels in a drawer, neatly out of sight in your kitchen or pantry. This hack not only keeps countertops clear but also protects the towels from spills and splatters.

4. Repurposed Wine Rack

Paper Towel Storage Ideas 4

Transform an old, unused wine rack into a cool paper towel holder. This clever idea adds functionality and brings a touch of industrial style to the kitchen.

5. Large Wicker Baskets for Paper Towels

Paper Towel Storage Ideas 5

Use spacious wicker baskets to keep a good supply of paper towels. These rustic baskets can be placed in the pantry, utility room, garage, or basement.

6. Basement Storage Shelf

Paper Towel Storage Ideas 6

Install a sturdy shelving unit in the basement or pantry to store paper towels in bulk. This keeps them neatly out of the way, freeing up space in the kitchen and utility room.

7. Try Undershelf Storage Baskets

Undershelf Storage Baskets

Slide baskets under any shelf for a smart, space-efficient way to store paper towels. This method keeps them easily accessible and frees up valuable counter and cabinet space.

8. Under Staircase Nook

Under Staircase Nook

Use that empty space under your staircase for storing paper towels out of sight. Plus, it’s a great way to make use of a spot that’s often forgotten.

9. Clear Storage Bin

Clear Storage Bin

Store your paper towels in a transparent bin. This way, you can easily see when it’s time to restock. Plus, the bin goes well with any home decor.

10. Under-Bed Paper Towel Roll Storage

Custom-Built Under-Bed Storage

If you’re short on space, think about putting paper towel rolls in the pull-out storage area under your bed. It’s a perfect and convenient place to store paper towels discreetly.

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