8 Plants with Toothed Leaves

Add texture and visual interest to your outdoor space by growing one of these Plants with toothed Leaves! Here are the top picks!

Plants with serrated leaves are an excellent choice for adding a unique flair to any landscape. The toothed edges not only make them stand out among other plants but also protect them from foragers. Let’s find out more about these specimens in detail below.

Plants with Toothed Leaves

1. Dandelion

Plants with Toothed Leaves 1

Botanical Name – Taraxacum officinale

Dandelion produces 3-6 inches long foliage with backward-pointing teeth. Its oblanceolate-shaped leaves are safe for consumption and thus can be ingested either raw or cooked.

2. English Holly

Plants with Toothed Leaves 2

Botanical Name – Ilex aquifolium

A member of the Aquifoliaceae family, the English holly features glossy, dark green leaves with spiny teeth along the margins. The leaves and berries are a popular addition to Christmas decorations.

3. Blue Holly

Plants with Toothed Leaves 3

Botanical Name – Ilex x meserveae

Blue holly can grow up to 3-8 feet tall, with dark green to bluish-green serrated leaves and vibrant red berries. Kathleen Meserve created this hybrid specimen by crossing the Ilex aquifolium and Ilex rugosa species.

4. Spearmint

Spearmint in garden

Botanical Name – Mentha spicata

Native to Europe, spearmint is a perennial herb with sharply toothed wrinkled leaves and lavender-hued flowers. Its foliage is used in teas, beverages, candies, and ice creams because of the strong minty fragrance.

5. Chicory

Chicory plant in garden

Botanical Name – Cichorium intybus

Chicory displays a rosette of toothed, lanceolate leaves that can be eaten raw as salads. The leaves are 3-6″ long, but those that grow on the upper stem are smaller with clasping bases.

6. Raspberry

Raspberry Leaves

Botanical Name – Rubus idaeus

Raspberry stands out with its toothed-edged, pinnately compound leaves that are fuzzy from the undersides. The dried foliage of this plant is a great alternative to coffee.

7. Sea Holly

Sea Holly in garden

Botanical Name – Eryngium maritimum

This ornamental evergreen attracts attention with its spiny steel blue-gray leaves. It’s a great foliar specimen to grow in coastal and gravel gardens, either single or in groupings.

8. Holly Osmanthus

Holly Osmanthus

Botanical Name – Osmanthus heterophyllus

Also known as holly tea olive, holly osmanthus showcases toothed, dark green leaves with a leathery texture. This plant is hardy to USDA zone 6, which varies significantly depending on the cultivar.

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