19 Surprising Coca Cola Uses For Home

Check out the surprising Coca-Cola Uses for Home! This cool, refreshing drink can be used to do so many unusual things.

1. Kill garden pests

Coca-cola has the right level of acidity to kill most garden bugs and pests. Pour a bowl of cola and place it under a shade near your garden or flowerbed. Its smell will attract the slugs and snails, and the acidity will kill them all. The more of it in detail is here!

2. Relieving jelly stings

Coca-cola does not actually neutralize the chemicals produced by a jelly sting. However, its acidic content is enough to react with the sting venom and result in the less harmful environment and soothed the pain.

3. Feeding indoor plants

Surprising Uses For Coca Cola 3

You can pour some coca cola on your indoor plants to give them some extra life. Cola delivers various nutrients that your plants may not be receiving enough of.

4. Use cola to defrost your car’s windshield

Surprising Uses For Coca Cola 4

Coca-cola can defrost your windshield during winter when it is all frosty. Simply sprinkle some cola liberally on your windshield surface and watch the ice become slush within a few seconds.

5. Cleaning burnt pans

Cola can be very effective in helping you clean burnt pans that are difficult to scratch. Simply pour some cola on the pan and bring to simmer. All the tough burn stain should come off easily after this procedure.

6. Keep bugs and gunk from your windshield

Cola definitely has an attractive smell that bugs, gunk, and other pests love, yet its acidity will kill most of them. Simply soak your windshield cleaning cloth in some coca cola and use it to wipe the shield. Make sure it does not reach your paints.

7. Coca-cola in rust removal

If you consider the acidity and reaction you get when you pour some cola on the ground, rust removal should not come as one of the surprising uses for coca cola. Scrubbing your rusty surfaces with a tinfoil dipped in cola will make it easier to get most of the rust away.

8. Breaking down compost

This is indeed one of the most surprising uses of coca cola especially since no one would consider it so often. Nonetheless, coca cola has the sugar and acidity to fuel microorganisms to supercharge your compost break down.

9. Loosen tight bolts

Like paraffin and other lubricants, coca cola can help you loosen tight bolts. The usual culprit that makes bolts and nuts so tight is rust and cola just removes the rust thus lubricating and loosening the bolts.

10. Cleaning old tarnished coins

To clean your tarnished coins, pour some cola in a glass or bowl and dip the coins for a few minutes before cleaning. Now that is one of the surprising uses of coca cola not many people know.

11. Removing blood and grease stains from fabric

Surprising Uses For Coca Cola 5

This is one of the amazing uses of coca cola especially since it is brown and can itself cause a stain. Coke will remove your blood and grease stains, but you should not use it on white and lighter fabric.

12. Cleaning car engines

This is something that the Coke distributors have been doing for several decades, and it surprisingly works. Coke can be used to clean your car engines and get most of the smoke and oil residue out of the way.

13. Coke in cooking

Surprising Uses For Coca Cola 6

Many chefs admit to using coca cola to tenderize meat, and it can also be added to various pot roast or steaks recipes. It leaves the aromatic scent and also improves the dish taste.

14. Cleaning tiles

As aforementioned, you can use cola to clean your hard surface floors. Using coca cola to clean tiles is a fairly simple process. Simply let the cola sit for a few minutes before wiping away.

15. Remove oil spots on floor and hard surfaces

Just like with fabric, coca cola can remove spots that appear on your floor, carpet, and countertops. Simply sprinkle some cola and let soak for a few minutes before cleaning the surface.

16. Remove gum from hair

It is not common that gum will get stuck in your hair, but if it does, then you can enjoy one of the other surprising uses of coca cola. If you have tried drinking some coke with gum in your mouth, you will notice it breaks it down quite easily.

17. Fade hair dye away

Surprising Uses For Coca Cola 2

Cola can also fade away unwanted hair dye and restore your natural hair color. In fact, hairdressers have recommended coke for some users to improve their hair color and properties.

18. Toilet cleaning

Surprising Uses For Coca Cola 1

Besides killing some of the bacteria and germs, coca cola will add a fresh scent to your toilet. Simply pour it into the bowl and let it sit for a few minutes before flushing.

19. Clean eyeglasses

You can clean your eyeglasses quite easily with coca cola. Just pour some coca cola on your glasses and rinse clean with water, then dry well!

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